Switch Up Your Beauty Regimen With Morgan Lynzi’s Pro Tips

As a influencer in music, style and culture, Morgan Lynzi is making her mark in the media industry.

Whether she’s hosting “Teen Nick Top 10” or traveling the world, turning heads, and asking all the right questions for a variety of networks and platforms, Morgan remains a tastemaker for the youth. We caught up with Morgan, who also runs a Youtube vlog full of all the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle advice a girl could ever need, to ask her some of her biggest skincare and makeup tips. Get to know Morgan in the interview below.

The most important beauty product for festival season?

Coachella this year was crazy. Lack of sleep, lack of water, and it was super windy and dry. So I’d say MILK Makeup’s Cooling Water — it’s packed with caffeine and ocean minerals that helped to de-puff my under eye area and soothe any irritation or dryness.

What’s your biggest tip to healthy skin?

Drink water and eat your greens. You’ve heard your mom, doctor, and just about everyone else tell you that since you were a kid, but seriously, it’s vital. The combo rids your body of toxins that not only affect you inside, but also show up on you skin. If you aren’t a fan of the kale club, or veggies in general, I highly recommend getting a green powder like Vitamineral Green to mix in with some fruit juice or a smoothie.

What skincare products are you in love with right now?

Anything that is/or is inspired by Korean beauty really intrigues me because their skincare products and techniques are centered around culture. They’ve seriously nailed down how to care for your face… Google 10-step Korean Skincare routine if you don’t believe me. I’m specifically really into hydrating face mists. I have combination skin and the mists really help to refresh my face throughout the day. Any culture that values the health of the skin over caking on a ton a makeup is onto something, in my opinion.

What’s your favorite drugstore product?

Brow gloss or clear mascara. I’m all about the brushed up bow!

How do you keep your hair so healthy?

I go to Spoke & Weal Salon where they only use products derived from plant oils and essences, including the hair dye. Switching from traditional products and dye to plant based products really was a game changer for my hair — it’s longer and stronger than it’s been in awhile. Trust me on this one.

If you could only do one workout forever what would it be?

A dance party 7 days a week.

What nail polish color would you be?

Gold Glitter.

Do you have an emergency pimple fixer?!

Chill out, and use Dr. Thayers Witch Hazel. I’ve also found that coconut oil has helped to get my entire face to chill out when it gets temperamental.

You’re going out for dinner and drinks with the girls. What color lipstick are you wearing? Any particular brand?

Hmmm… I’m always either going for a natural look or something vampy. It’d be a tie between Milk Makeup’s nude lip color in C.R.E.A.M or a deep berry wine they have called Dip Out.

You’re going on a date and you’re aiming for sultry lashes. Do you choose strip lashes or extensions?

Individuals! Whenever I have full strip lashes on I look like an anime character because my eyes are already so big. Makeup artists on shoots opened up a whole new world for me when they starting using individuals to enhance what I’ve already got. They are also much easier to apply since it’s just a few small lashes versus letting a whole strip set and dry. You can quickly pop ’em out post-date without messing with your mascara or eye makeup if the guy wasn’t worth your time.

It’s festival season and you’re shopping for bronzer. Which one do you buy?

To be honest, I just got into bronzer and it has changed my life. If I’m going for a powder, I love the Terrazzo bronzer — it imitates the glow all the babes in the 1970’s had. For a more natural look, I use MILK’s Bronzer in Baked — it smells and feels like lip balm going on… so smooth.

You’re about to be on long flight. What product do you never fly without?

Face mist and cream. I layer cream on like cake frosting when I’m on a flight so that my skin stays as hydrated as possible. The mist just helps out with that process. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than post-flight dry skin.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently the West Coast host for Nick Cannon’s music countdown TV show “Teen Nick Top 10.” When I’m not shooting for the show or hosting on other rad platforms and networks, you can catch me on my YouTube channel creating and sharing lifestyle, style, and travel vlogs. 

Photographer: Larsen Sotelo

Talent: Morgan Lynzi

Stylist: Keely Murphy

Hair: Edith Beltran

Make-up:Francie Tomalonis using all MILK Makeup

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