Sandals are cancelled: here’s what people are wearing instead

So we’re almost through with Summer, and if there’s anything I’ve noticed, it’s the lack of toes I’ve seen out and about this season. I’m not complaining, that would be weird. But I’ve also been thinking about toes (not in a weird way) and I just haven’t really seen them at all this Summer. Not even mine! Shit, I had to check and make sure they were even still there.

Why is this so? While there are likely many various X-factors at play here (takes Econ once) there’s one obvious component, and and that’s a lack of sandals. If there’s one style of shoe that’s literally designated for the Summer, it’s the sandal. “Summer sandal” even makes for a cute, sweet alliteration that we can all enjoy.

Think about it, though.


Haven’t heard that name in years.

And it’s because in case you and your uncomfortably warm toes haven’t noticed, no one really seems to give a fuck about them (sandals) anymore. Don’t get me wrong, people still dress seasonally appropriately and all, but it’s actually kind of hilarious because they’ll be dressed in head-to-shin Summer-wear and then just wear literal cowboy boots (at myself, no really, like scroll down).

So, what are the people wearing instead? Below you’ll find the more relevant, yet significantly less seasonally appropriate footwear alternatives you should wear to stay cool (but also really fucking hot, as it turns out) this Summer.

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1. Shoes that look like this

chanel bb

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N E W swim just dropped.

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Yeah. This is a no-brainer, and this style of shoe is arguably taking over feet in general everywhere, regardless of climate or season. I’d say this is the style I’ve seen most this Summer. But as far as heat retention goes, sneakers ain’t so bad, so this kind of makes sense.

2. Crocs, apparently

Crocs are highkey the best Summer shoe. Like, they’re waterproof, have literal holes in them for ventilation purposes, what more could you and your toes ask for? Not much, that’s what.

3. Literal thigh-highs

This is more of a festival-season situation, but I’ve seen people rock a casual thigh high with a dress in their everyday lives.

That said, casual thigh highs haven’t been as popular in a casual setting (Stuart Weitzman Highlands are my fav #TBT) in a minute, and they do tend to look cooler when worn decoratively like this.

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4. Tan Yeezy desert rats

raw, look real at peace in these

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Ooooobviooously the only shooeeee that’s acceptable to wear is the dEserT raT sneAkers to bE cooOl,

5. Black Yeezy desert rats

@vuaiayubu keeps taking pics of me

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6. Yeezy turtle doves

Paris is burning 🔥

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If you don’t stan that pair, you likely stan these instead.

7. Nike AF1s

Woo! I can say with confidence that AF1s have kind of become the shoe of the Summer, at least in New York.

See here for 10 ways to customize your sneakers for the summer, feat. these lovely shoes right here.

8. Docs

sorry this is the last thing I’ll post EVER!!! Clearance everything must go

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My docs have been my tried and true’s since highschool, and season has never played a role in changing that. Like, I straight up wear them everywhere, including to the beach in true New Yorker fashion. I wear them “hiking,” etcetera.

But this Summer I’ve felt less crazy, given that they’ve actually taken off as a popular choice of footwear in hundred degree heat. Nice.

9. Just straight up leather boots

Another style of shoe that doesn’t waiver much year-round: can’t go wrong.

10. Cowboy boots

Hiii, it’s me again! I’m back with another terribly impractical footwear choice. If I’m being honest, I’ve been alternating between these cowboy boots and my docs all Summer. Cowboy boots give off Summer vibes even though they’re hot as shit, and I’m fully committed at this point.

11. Converse

no angel but you got a halo

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I decided to save the best for last on this list: a true classic. I feel like if there’s any timeless footwear option, it’s Converse. Vans are cool, but they’ve become a little overexposed as of late (it seems like it’s been one hype collaboration after the next for like the past two years).

If you’re not sure what to wear and aren’t feeling sandals, why not grab yourself a pair of Chucks? There’s literally a pair out there for everyone, whether you’re more of a classic black high top or a sparkly, bouged-up J.W. Anderson designed pair (I’m definitely the first— but we don’t discriminate).

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As you can see, people would literally rather wear platform Doc Martens on the beach (myself) than wear sandals. Am I wrong on this? And while we may miss the practicality that sandals often bring, the toes will not be missed.

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