Which Summer ’17 Shades Are Right For You?

Remember those old magazine features that would tell you what sunglasses to buy based on your face shape? And how bad they’d stress you out because no one has any clue WTF their face shape is?

Thankfully, here at Galore we dgaf about face shapes because you can rock whatever you want. Instead, we’re going to recommend shades based on your aesthetic and personal brand. Hot!

Whether you’re all shaded in some bug-off-boo sunglasses or all dressed up in a pair of funky shades to add that unique touch, sunglasses make a statement.

The sunglasses you pair with your #ootd say a lot about your mood, personality, and sense of style. It all just comes down to what type of shade you really are.

So, what shade are you?

Bool, Balm & Bollective

DropOne now @kendallandkylie

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Want similar shades to Kendall Jenner’s? This site offers a nice pair of vintage shades that’ll make anyone feeling as bool, balm and bollective as YG. I like these glasses, because they are totally different and the slim frame and dark tinted lenses give off a chill af vibe.

Buy them here!

Incognito Chic(k)

Home Sweet Home @jetluxlife

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Running last-minute errands and no time for makeup?  These shades are the perfect on-the-go accessory to have when you’re out and about. With big frames and dark-tinted lenses it’s also hard to tell you have bags under your eyes from a long night of partying, but no one knows because you’re stuntin like a boss ass bitch in these shades. I found a similar pair of sunglasses at Perverse Sunglasses from the NAT+LIV collection.

Buy them here!

The Bug-Off-Boo

@coach 👗

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These round vintage sunglasses are a must-have this season — perfect for adding a retro rock vibe to your outfit. A similar pair of shades that I found has the same round circular frame as ultimate babe, Sami Miro. It also has a black jewel stud border around the front of the sunglasses to add a touch of glamour.

Buy them here!

70’s Shawty

These are definitely a favorite this season. With the 70’s vibe frame and funky lens color, these sunglasses are perfect to go with any outfit. You can find the same exact pair on the gorgeous and talented, Kali Uchis’ website or you can go to another site that I had found for even more different colored frames and lenses.

Buy them here!

Cool Cat


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Another one of my favorites are these orange-tinted sunglasses with a very thin frame. These space-kitty framed shades are super cute for adding a little intergalactic flair to any outfit. I found a similar cute pair of shades with baby pink tinted lenses that can be rocked in any galaxy.

Buy them here!

Groovy Babe


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Only Rihanna could rock these glammed out Austin Powers-esque sunglasses. However, with the right confidence and outfit, anyone can mirror the same bad bitch vibe Rihanna is evoking with these shades. I love how fun these sunglasses are with the oversized square frame and a bedazzled outline, they definitely make a person stand out. I couldn’t find an exact copy of these shades, but I found a similar pair that still has the same groovy attitude.

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