Stop Wasting Money, You Only Need These 2 Vitamins

You’ve probably heard that not all vitamins are created equal, and maybe even that some vitamins are completely useless. But did you know that there are legit only two vitamins that you really need to be taking?

The only two vitamins that are worth your time (and money) are Zinc and Vitamin D.

All other vitamins either don’t do shit, or can actually be harmful if you take too much. A new study even linked some vitamins to cancer or kidney stores.

Basically, even if you think you can pill-pop your way to health and still eat a nutrient-deficient diet, you can’t. If you really want to be the picture of health, you should quit all the unnecessary/harmful vitamins and simply eat a balanced diet, according to Business Insider.

As for the vitamins that are helpful, here’s what you need to know:

Vitamin D:

You probably know Vitamin D as something that’s an added bonus of all the time you spent lounging by the pool this summer. You also probably reference Vitamin D when you’re talking about how badly you need dick. But in reality, Vitamin D keeps your bones strong by helping the body absorb calcium. Unlike other vitamins, Vitamin D isn’t present in most foods, so it’s beneficial to take a supplement of Vitamin D, especially in the winter. As a bonus, recent studies have shown that people who take Vitamin D live longer than those who don’t.


If you thought that Vitamin C was the thing to take when you’re feeling a cold coming on, congratulations, you’re wrong af. While eating fruits that contain Vitamin C may help you out a little bit, the real vitamin you need is Zinc. Zinc likely halts the replication of viruses, according to information from NIH. Studies have also shown that Zinc shortens cold symptoms and speeds up recovery.

Basically, unless you’re on a crazy ass diet like Bella Hadid’s, you don’t need to be taking any vitamins, except maybe Vitamin D in the winter and Zinc when you’re catching a cold. Otherwise, save your money for more important shit. Like, I don’t know… food?

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