Spring Beauty-Haul That Will Bring the Spa to Your Home

Finding the time to take care of ourselves never seems to be easy. Fitting in a spa-day seems like a one-time luxury for some or highly unlikely for others. This Spring, treat yourself to products that will not only nourish your skin, but bring the spa to you! We all know the saying, “you look good, you feel good”, and I find self maintenance to be a key part of coping with the strenuous COVID regulations. Elevate how you see and treat yourself to elevate your spirit and thinking. Here are some products I treated myself to in order to kick off the Spring season. I’m obsessed with how my mood increases when I beautify my day to day, and how easily my skin and hair absorbs these products, creating a transformative experience like no other.

The Nailest 

Now when I say “press-ons,” wipe those drug store fakes from decades past out of your memory. These luxury sets use top-quality gel polishes and acrylic products. Custom nails can be reused if properly cared for. Save money and trips to the nail salon with these beautiful alternatives! They have been one of my favorite products thus far, making it completely easy to change looks from one moment to the next.

To shop Nailest please visit: https://thenailest.com/

Manna Kadar Beauty

Manna Kadar’s self-made, self-funded minority mom-preneur empire takes pride in simplifying beauty for all those busy, hustlin’ ladies out there! The Brow Defining Expert Collection simplifies your eyebrow routine. Create the perfect natural brow in minutes.

To shop please visit: https://www.mannakadarcosmetics.com


Give your hair the love it needs to stay hydrated and healthy this Spring season! Made from natural ingredients, Ecoslay’s hair care products are just what you need to give your hair the boost and nutrients to maintain its natural beauty. I love how their products have transformed my hair care experience, everything smells amazing and the consistency of the products allows for great maintenance.

To shop Ecoslay please visit: https://www.ecoslay.com/

 Love, Indus

The Love, Indus skincare line is an immersive experience in opulence. Founder Surbhee Grover’s journey incorporates her rich Indian heritage with the energy of her newfound New York home. The collection is derived from ethically-sourced clean ingredients such as Darjeeling tea, vegan ghee, and golden Muga silk. Ingredients are deliberately-chosen for their efficacy and purity and feel great when applied to your skin.

To shop Love, Indus please visit: https://loveindus.com/

Strands of Faith

I like to think one can never have too many hair products, thats why I love to also have Strands of Faith to nourish and fortify my hair. Strands of Faith is a black woman owned haircare and lifestyle brand that creates rich, handcrafted, non-toxic products. Its emphasis is on hydrating, revitalizing, and moisturizing the strands to healthy hair for multicultural women. Its line provides long-lasting hydration and moisture while reducing the number of hours it takes to wash hair each week due to minimum product build-up. The products help naturals to grow longer hair by retaining their length through moisturized strands. Follow them on @strandsoffaith.

To shop Strands of Faith please visit: https://strandsoffaith.com/

Hopefully you like the aforementioned products and can include them in your daily self care routines 🙂

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