The Spencer Pratt Guide To Calling the Papaparazzi On Yourself

Jay Z joked about looking so fresh he had to call the paparazzi on himself, but according to Spencer Pratt, that’s actually what he and Heidi used to do back in the golden days when The Hills made them super famous.

Which means that all those ridiculous Speidi photos you used to laugh about were 100% engineered to make you feel that way.


Spencer Pratt’s been dropping truth bombs right and left about how active a role he played in staging the drama that helped make The Hills the mega-hit that he was, and in an interview with the must-read blog Pop Culture Died In 2009, Spencer detailed exactly how he used to call that paparazzi on himself and Heidi on the regular.

But just in case you don’t have the time to read his lengthy interview, we’ve compiled his wisdom into an easy to follow list we like to call, “The Spencer Pratt Guide To Calling the Paparazzi On Yourself.”

1. Get yourself a partnership with a reputable news source

“Since I had already made a partnership with Pacific Coast News to sell those Mary-Kate photos,” Spencer says, “I had already had that relationship with them, so the second we were having paparazzi following us and taking our photo, I was like, ‘Woah! They’re selling these photos! I need to call my homebody James over at PCN and let’s get our own guys.'”

2. Cut yourself a deal so you make hella $ every time they do

“We had a 50/50 partnership with [Pacific Coast News] and we were making over a million dollars selling our paparazzi photos, so you start doing a lot of them and you’re like, ‘This is the best gig ever!’”

3. Expand your horizons overseas

“All the best sales at the time were in England, and in England they like ’em real cheesey — looking at the camera, smiling, doing ridiculous stuff.”

4. When you’re ready to take the next step, look around at what the A-listers are doing and copy it

“And I learned that game — I won’t name his name — but my good friend is the photo editor at a major magazine and he told me about how Brad and Angelina set up and partnered with a photo agency to sell their first photos when they were seen on that random beach in Africa when they first started dating. So when I heard that Brad & Angelina did this, I was like ‘Uhh, why don’t I copy the most famous superstars in the world that are rich & doing this?’”

5. Make sure you have a good publicist to do all the dirty work for you

“ I would guess 90% of famous people, if they’re not in contact with their photographer individually, their publicist is, and they have like, ‘Yeah! I’m going here, heads up!’  — and the publicist emails the photo agency they have… A good publicist maybe works with three different agencies, and don’t have any exclusive deals. That’s why these publicists get paid $5-10k a month, to get these people in magazines.”

Of course it goes without saying that in order for any of this to work you have to actually be famous, but where there’s a will there’s always a way.

Now get at it, future fame whores of America.


[H/T Pop Culture Died In 2009

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