Sorry But Women’s Periods Don’t Actually ‘Sync Up’

Whenever a group of women settle into a long-term group situation — whether it’s moving into dorms, starting a new job, or maybe joining a coven? — someone always has to make the hilarious joke, “It’s only a matter of time before all our periods sync up! That’ll be hell on the plumbing! Har har har.”

Well, next time some annoying person says that, feel free to tell them they are full of shit because absolutely zero modern studies back up the idea that women’s periods synchronize when they’re in groups.

The myth comes from a 1971 study of a college dorm, but hasn’t been reinforced or backed up in any study since, according to the Guardian. Not even a study on lesbian couples found synchronicity to be a thing.

This news should put annoying jokes about group menstruation to bed. And most crucially, we can also stop questioning who’s the “alpha” in a group setting based on whose period refuses to budge month after month — because come on, we’ve all wondered this.

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