Sorcha Richardson’s Badass Females Playlist

If you’ve been following the news lately, you may be feeling the need for a stronger female presence more than ever. The good news is, Sorcha Richardson, a badass singer in her own right, has made us a whole playlist of other badass singers to remedy that, from Charli XCX to Amy Winehouse.

Sorcha has a new single out called “Ruin Your Night,” which is a semi-apologetic, yet super melodic, acoustic-guitar driven tune that’s uber reminiscent of our fave female badass, Courtney Love. In fact, this track could be a better-sung version (Sorry, Courtney) of something Hole played on MTV Unplugged back in the 90’s.

Today, Sorcha has bestowed upon us the gift of badass-ery, in this playlist she has made exclusively just for us.

Check out the playlist below, and check out Sorcha’s new single, “Ruin Your Night.”

 “I always think of those festival posters edited to show only the bands with female members on the lineup,” Sorcha said, “which always wipes clean at least 80% of the names on the poster. There is so much good music being made by women and I think it’s important to recognize and celebrate that.”

A few of Sorcha’s playlist highlights:

Morly – “I get so excited when I come across really talented female producers because it’s such a male dominated area of the industry. I’ve loved Morly’s stuff since I first heard some of her instrumentals.”

Christine & The Queens – “I love when people spend a little extra time to think creatively about how to present their music (Sia and Beyonce are also masters of this)…her live show totally transforms the way you hear her music.”

Charli XCX –“I think Charli XCX is one of the best things to happen to pop music in recent years. I think it’s amazing to have someone like her at the forefront of the pop world today.”



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