Someone Threw A Molotov Cocktail Through The Kardashians’ Store Window in LA

Late Monday night, one real Kardashian hater apparently threw a Molotov cocktail through the window of the family’s boutique, Dash, in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Nobody was inside the building, thankfully. Someone passing by the store on Melrose called 911 at around 11:20 PM last night, reporting having seen an unidentified male throwing a “lit object” through the window.

“The front window of the building was damaged, but the fire did not spread to the rest of the building,” WKYC reported. Marc Cota-Robles of ABC news has since tweeted that a suspect has been taken into custody:

And here’s what the outside of the store looks like now:



The Kardashian-Yeezy clan are having somewhat of a riotous week. On Sunday, Kanye’s announcement of a surprise 2 a.m. concert practically instilled a riot — there was tear gas! — and now this. Let’s hope that’s the extent of public upset involving their family this week.

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