Sofia Wylie’s new film “THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL” is Out on Netflix!

Actress, singer, and dancer  – Sofia Wylie is a triple threat. Although she is like most eighteen year olds with insecurities and doubts, she is a trail blazing star. Having acted for Disney since 2017, Sofia continue to grow as an artist. Most notably she is a star in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (HSMTMTS) as Gina Porter. She was also on So You Think You Can Dance. Most recently, she starred as Agatha in the new Netflix film THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL which went out on streaming on October 19th.

Sofia Wylie represents a lot of what we love her at Galore; a love for the arts, an unwavering sense of expression, beauty and grace. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Sofia and interviewed her about all things ranging from Disney, HSMTMTS, So You Think You Can Dance, the arts, hidden talents and more! We hope you enjoy what Sofia has to share with us all.

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Actress, singer, and dancer; Sofia, you are a triple threat! Do you ever get anxiety sharing your talents with the world? How do you overcome it?

I’m pretty much like any other 18 year old, I have my insecurities and doubts about almost everything but I’m really working on trusting myself and letting my voice be heard. I try my best to keep confident but at times I get pretty stressed. I love what I do and I’ve really learned to believe in my own ability and not compare myself with other people. It’s a work in progress I guess. 

You have been growing your career with Disney Channel since 2017. What growth have you experienced? 

I truly thank everyone at Disney for giving me my start. They have been such a loving and caring family to me. I really love the leadership there and where they are headed. I want to partner with studios that are made of good people, and are willing to be true collaborators, which I feel Disney is.

What’s your favorite part about being in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series? What were some of your favorite songs to preform?

The most amazing part of being apart of this franchise is how wonderful the cast and crew are. Our show runner, Tim Federle, has built what truly feels like a family. I trust him so much and have been so blessed to work with someone who is truly so collaborative and kind. My favorite songs have been “love is an open door” and “what do you know about love” from season 3. I also really love the songs for season 4, but you guys will have to wait and see what those are!

Who are some of your favorite co-workers? What are some things you may have learned from them throughout your career?

I really loved getting to work with Kerry Washington for The School For Good and Evil. I learned what it means to be a true professional on and off camera while on set with her. I also really have enjoyed getting to work with Dara Renée on HSMTMTS. She is such a versatile actress and always adds a little something extra to every scene. She is the DEFINITION of a scene stealer. She just has this magic about her that makes her shine so bright.

Your voice has a lot of range. Do you prefer to sing in lower or higher registers?

I never sang much before doing HSMTMTS. So I’m still learning a lot about it, and am trying to find my voice/sound. So as of right now, I don’t have a preference. Just trying to grow and experiment!

You were on “So You Think You Can Dance”. Since you are so talented, do you think you would ever choreograph a dance for a Musical or music video (either for yourself or someone else)?

Oh for sure! Dance was my first passion, so I think that would be so fun. I’ve choreographed in the past and it was so much fun. 

Your new movie “THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL” will be out on October 19th! We are so excited to watch. What can viewers expect to tune into?

This movie is something that everyone can watch. I love movies that allow you to escape and use our imaginations. I think a lot of families will be able to watch it together and leave with a moral that positive and thought provoking. The imaginative world that Paul Feig has created, is so detailed and beautiful. I feel really lucky to be apart of such a huge film and I can’t wait to do more in that world. 

Do you have any other hidden talents?

I love music and the arts! Learning how to play different instruments or painting/knitting have been my most recent hobbies! I usually don’t get things the first time but I’m pretty persistent and will practice until I get it right! 

What impact do you aim to have for your audience?

I hope that I can positively encourage and uplift those who know me! I never thought that I, a little girl from Arizona, could be living out my dreams. So when people see me doing what I love, I hope it inspires them to do what they love to!

What can we anticipate for the future?

I’m not sure what the expect from the future! That’s what’s so exciting about it though; the possibilities are endless! I love what I do, and I hope I can continue to work in this industry for a long long time. But at the end of the day, I trust that God’s Will will be done! I’m excited to see what that means for me and my future.


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