9 Social Media Queens Spill The Best Dating Advice Their Moms Ever Gave Them

As somebody who literally only talked about sex and dating with her mother once, it’s hard to imagine that there are many mothers and daughters out there who don’t find this to be an incredibly awkward topic to discuss with each other.

Still, if you can get over the initial embarrassment, theoretically your mother is one of the best people you could ever talk to about this kind of stuff. She’s older, wiser, and you can always trust her to have your back. 

Since I clearly have zero knowledge to impart from my mother, I talked to nine social media vixens about what the best dating advice they’d ever gotten from their Mom was.

Get ready for some real talk.

1. Ava Allan

Always make the the guy chase you and DON’T eat spaghetti on the first date!



2. Courtney Allegra

My aunt and mom have given me awesome advice when it comes to dating 😂

1. Be careful who you introduce someone you’re newly dating to!
2. Dick pics can be misleading if there’s no object for scale
3. Dick pics can help you avoid an awkward situation later



3. Olivia Pierson

The best dating advice I got from my mom is “you can’t hurry love, you’ll just have to wait.” That’s one of our songs lol but seriously that the right guy will come into my life when it’s meant to be! 



4. Kayslee Collins

My mom has always said to date someone who makes me BETTER. Not someone who is my equal or someone who lowers my standards. 



5. Julia Kelly

Stand your ground, never settle for less than, never be second best, VALUE YOURSELF!!



6. Raya

“Your partner should be your best friend, but they shouldn’t be your only friend.” 



7. Amber Asaly

Never rely on a man 4 anything, do shit on your own, make your own money make your own success.



8. Mina Doll

If he doesn’t like it. Leave.



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