8 Social Media Queens On The Best Beauty Advice They Got From Their Moms

When it comes to beauty, it all depends on what we get from our mama — and we’re not just talking genetics.

We rounded up eight beautiful and very different social media queens to ask them about what the best beauty advice their mothers had ever given them was. 

Take out your pencils — you may want to write some of this down.

1. Julia Kelly

Best advice: Never leave the house without looking presentable, with at least some makeup on and nice clothes! You never know who you may run into, or meet for the first time!



2. Mina Doll

Cute always looks better on day two.



3. Ria Michelle

The best beauty secret my mom ever passed down to me is to start skincare early, and don’t neglect your neck. When I go out with her, people don’t know who to hit on first, her or me, so she must be getting it right. Lol. 



4. Ava Allan

Best beauty secret from my mom would be to always moisturize my skin to help keep it young and fresh, plus drink lots water to help your complexion!



5. Courtney Allegra

When it comes to beauty:

1. Drink olive oil
2. Bathe in olive oil
3. Love olive oil



6. Kayslee Collins




7. Racquel Natasha

Coconut oil for everything since I was 10 years old, especially on hair and skin.



8. Natalie Halcro

My mom greatest beauty tip is a classic: get a good night’s sleep and drink lots of water. It works. The wrinkles and fine lines on my face are always so much more diminished when I’m hydrated and rested.

I feel like it’s one of those things moms say, and most people write off as a wives’ tale. But it works. She’s right.



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