[SNEAK PEEK]: Lyon’s Falling Up EP Drops This Friday

There’s no doubt the digital world of music is overwhelming, and sometimes relying on the algorithm inside of Spotify can only get you so far when you’re looking for that artist that can truly fill your needs for some good tunes. But sometimes the good tunes just fall into your lap, like a gift from the universe.

I admit that any song that uses 80s synthesizers and hand claps is always a win for me. So when I heard Lyon’s new EP, Falling Up, due out this Friday, I couldn’t be happier. So skip the algorithm on this one, and look her up right quick, and consider this one a gift from me to you.

Coming to us from Toronto’s Blackbox record label, Lyon hits us up with 7 new tracks that offer up a large helping of undeniable pop melodies, danceable beats and those infectious synth sounds that I’m so obsessed with. Her first single will be a track called “Silverlight” which will also drop this Friday, bringing you a mixture of dream-pop and sounds reminiscent of the 1980’s Madonna that we all miss terribly. Add in some jangly guitar riffs and contagious sing-a-long-able “ooohs” – it’s sure to be a hit.

We got a sneak peek at these tunes that you should definitely download come Friday. Check out the track listing below, and then count down the days til Friday!

Bodytalk – Bodytalk brings us a hard-hitting hip hop beat as Lyon sings over that epically melodic synth, “I can’t breath when you stand so close to me, You don’t have to say a word, just let your Bodytalk.” The perfect soundtrack to when you want your man super bad, but don’t want words to ruin the moment.

Falling Up – With it’s dreamline beginning, you almost expect Lyon to start singing Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” (which, I would not complain about). She instead hits up with a modern sound on the chorus that gives a fantastic tribute to True Colors.

Gold Dust – Gold Dust has a synth sound that hits you like a sonic wave of electronic future pop, but it brings us back to that 80’s pop melodic sound with a chorus reminiscent of Madonna’s classic “Holiday.”

Skeletons – Skeletons opens with a driving hip hop drum beat that gives a darker feel than the rest of the EP. Keeping us in that pop vibe like the rest of the tunes, this one sounds more hip hop influenced as Lyon sings about “Skeletons in the closet” – something we all know about.

Perfect 10 – This track gives us more tribal influenced drum beats, but lays in those perfect pop music hand claps (moar hand claps!) that keep us wanting more.

Silverlight – The lead single from the EP, Lyon sings “Don’t blink, you don’t wanna miss it.” This one is a fantastic dance track that sums up Lyon’s sound in one song.

Lie to Me – Lie to Me is probably the stand-out track on this EP, with it’s simple slow and heavy drum beat, echoing vocals, and simplistic keyboard sounds, Lyon’s more vulnerable vocals would be the perfect soundtrack to an epic love scene in any feature film.

For more info on Lyon, check her her socials and give her a follow!

Instagram: @i_am_lyon

Facebook: facebook.com/iamlyon

Twitter: @i_am_lyon

Photo by Talia Shipman

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