Skylar Stecker is a rising pop singer whose carefree vibe is contagious

Like a handful of today’s biggest stars, Skylar Stecker started her career by singing songs on her Youtube channel and gracing local sporting events with her rendition of the national anthem. And then in 2013, after releasing her first original single, “Little Bit Too Much,” Skylar watched her song get over one million hits in just four months.

And that was just the beginning.

At just 15 years old, Skylar already has an album under belt, a song on the movie soundtrack for “Everything, Everything,” and a poppin’ new single, “Only Want You.” Oh, and we should probably mention she’s the youngest artist signed to Cherrytree Records, who helped build the careers of some big time names like Lady Gaga and Ellie Goulding.

Labeled Disney’s “Next Big Thing,” Skylar Stecker’s talents are not up for debate (unless you enjoy losing).

Check out our Q&A with Skylar and listen to her new single below.

What inspired your new single “Only Want You”?

The message. It talks about a problem that I feel so many people have been in. “Only Want You” is about having feelings for someone, and having this vision of wanting them to be this perfect person for you… and then they go and start screwing things up.

You’re Radio Disney’s “Next Big Thing”! How does it feel to be the in company of other NBTs like Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara, and Fifth Harmony?

It’s so so exciting. I’ve seen and heard about Radio Disney’s “NBT” for so long and have always hoped that one day I would have a chance at this amazing opportunity… And now, it’s become a reality! So its hard for me to express just how honored and grateful I feel!

What products do you swear by for your skin?

My skin is really sensitive, so I like to keep it simple. I actually only use face wash and oil free moisturizer

For my face wash I use “Cetaphil – Daily Facial Cleanser.” And for my moisturizer I use “Paula’s Choice – Skin Balancing Invisible Finish Moisture Gel.”

What are your summer makeup ​must haves?

I love Colorpop products! I’m in love with their “Heavy Hitter” eyeshadow pallet. It has all the colors needed for summer.

And also my favorite highlighter is the Iconic London “Illuminator.”  It gives you a glow and it’s not “sparkly” like a lot of other highlighters.

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How do you create perfect bombshell hair?

When I don’t feel like using heat on my hair, I spray my hair with a body/volume spray, then I shake it out and let it do what it wants. My hair is like a lion’s mane, no joke, so sometimes the less I do the better.

If I do use heat, I use a curling wand to curl my hair, spray it with hairspray, and shake it out to give it volume.

What’s your biggest beauty indulgence?

I love a good cat eye! I’m almost always wearing one. It’s a great way to add some drama to a natural look without using too much eyeshadow.

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What make-up product do you think is the most underrated and why?

Lip liner. To me, it makes all the difference with a a gloss.

What favorite products are in your own makeup bag?

I always keep a nude lip gloss in my bag. I like “M.A.C’s Cremesheen Glass

And I really like “Too Faced – Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Pallet.” It’s compact which is nice.

What are some fun facts about you? 

I’m vegan.

I love macaroons.

Beyonce and Bruno Mars are my favorite artists.

I’m super clumsy.

I’m a perfectionist.

I can burp the alphabet

I play piano.

I love to work.

I started singing at 9.

I have four animals.

I’m scared to drive.

I love the show “Ghost Adventures.”

Do you have a girl power motto?

Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will find you and you will find them.

What emoji best describes you?

The one with the guy winking with his tongue sticking out!

Tell us a secret?

I’m a loner when I’m not working. I love my quiet time with Netflix! It’s my other best friend.

Okay, now tell us another secret. What’s a guilty pleasure that you keep on the DL?

I really love pomegranate seeds! They are soooooo good! I will eat four of the package seeds in one sitting!

And what’s next for you in 2017?

We have so much fun stuff coming up! I am performing at a ton of summer shows from June to August, continuing to perform and support my single “Only Want You” and we are also putting together my next album sometime in the near future as well. We have over 40 songs to choose from that I have recorded this past year so there is definitely no shortage of music!

Photos: Prince & Jacob
Hair & makeup: Brooke Hill

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