Singer Tatiana Hazel Knows What It’s Like To Lose Your Mind Over a Guy

When it comes to going a bit cray over your last relationship, singer Tatiana Hazel has your back. Actually, her eight personalities shown in her new video do.

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Tatiana’s new single “Losing My Mind” stems from that moment you realize you are devoting way too much time on that fuckboy. The video features a purple-and-blue-haired Tatiana “losing her mind” and then splitting into multiple personalities.

“The video consists of eight different personalities each with different attitudes,” she said. “I like to base my music and art off real life experiences but exaggerate and alter the story lines to expose less of my own personal life.”

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The groovy tune features echoey vocals and honest lyrics that will make you feel like Tatiana may have just crawled inside your head and sang some of your thoughts.

Check the new video out here, and give Tatiana a follow on the socials to keep up to date on her upcoming EP release.


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