Simone Biles Took Time Out of Slaying to Tweet North West

Let’s take a second to talk about Simone Biles, kay?

In the past, you may recall that we described Simone Biles as the Kourtney Kardashian of the US Gymnastics team, mostly because of her commitment to physical fitness and nonchalant approach to hanging out with hot, ripped teenage boys.

Happy Happy Birthday to the Goof on the right that had me sign his chest😂 Ah Joe you crack me up!!! ❤️

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This is 19-year-old Simone’s first Olympic Games, and no big deal or anything, but she’s probably about to make history and become the first female gymnast to win five gold medals in a single Games.


Last night, Simone qualified for the all-around finals with fellow teammate Aly Raisman, finishing 1st on floor, beam and vault, and somehow in the middle of all this she still found time to tweet about North West.

And shamelessly self-promote her line of jazzy leotards, GK by Simone.

We like to think that wherever Kim was when she read this tweet, she was smiling, proud to have empowered a new generation of woman to be badass, social media savvy, and all about getting that $.

Oh, and we should also mention that she joked about needing a defibrillator if she ever met Zac Efron.  


I know we just met and everything, but I’m woman enough to say that I love you.

Give ‘em hell out on that floor, kay?

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