Why Are NBC & ABC Reportedly Refusing to Air This Plus Size Lingerie Ad?

A new Lane Bryant commercial starring some Galore faves like Ashley Graham and Precious Lee has reportedly been rejected by both NBC and ABC.

The ad features Ashley, Precious, Denise Bidot, Tara Lynn, and Georgia Pratt gorgeously lolling around in various states of dress. Sometimes they’re twirling, sometimes they’re boxing, sometimes they’re breastfeeding. The common thread is that the ladies are curvy and hot af.

But TMZ reports that both NBC and ABC have refused to air the commercial as-is. The networks allegedly didn’t give a reason beyond that, but TMZ’s sources are pretty sure it has to do with the models’ size, since way racier TV spots for companies like Victoria’s Secret air on network TV at all hours.

We’d add that it’s possible the brief shot of a woman nursing could also be the reason, since breastfeeding also tends to rile up the censors for no reason.

Sadly, it seems like one more example of women not being allowed to publicly own their bodies — especially when they’re not a size zero. Watch the allegedly banned ad below.

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