Precious Lee’s Tips On How To Love Yourself, No Justin Bieber

Known for her beautiful curves, Precious Lee is influencing women everywhere not to worry so much about being thin but instead to worry about being healthy and happy. Opting to love herself, flaws and all, rather than to dwell on them, she can teach us all a little something about self-love. Check out her tips below.

1. Curves are in! If you don’t know the power you hold in being a woman with hips & curves, it’s no fun. I know you’ve heard it before, “love yourself” but you know what, it’s just that simple. Fall in love with your body by learning what makes you feel epic and work with that. It’s stressful spending time on concealing your shape versus flaunting it, so stop. Besides, stress ruins your skin.

2. Maintain a workout rhythm. Sure, we all fall off the wagon when it comes to working out sometimes, but hop back on it ASAP. Healthy curves are the sexiest curves & represent strength. Don’t think of exercising as just a way to lose weight..make it a priority not just because of what it does for how your body looks, but how you feel from having a hardcore sweat session a couple of days out of the week. Squats never hurt nobody!

3. Find the perfect fitted black dress that accentuate your curves. Then buy two of them. Pair it with a well fitted(get professionally measured) bra that gives your amazing shape. You can dress it up with heels or down with booties. No matter your size, height or shape, you can look amazing in a sexy simple black dress. I personally love a long sleeve v neck right above the knee black dress. I can put it on for any occasion and know I look bomb.

4. Get waisted! Emphasizing your small waist with belts, high waisted jeans, and skirts is super sexy. Even if you don’t have an hour glass shape and you’re more pear shaped, keeping garments fitted in the waist highlights whatever curves you have. If you want to play up your curves, ALWAYS snatch the waist. Having a tailor to take in your clothes is also a great investment. It’s not as expensive as many may think and you can always have that perfect fit when you get your clothes altered. It’s worth it!

5. Find a curvy girl to be inspired by. We all have our fave celebs we follow on social media that we think are stunning or love their style. Many times these people aren’t at all relatable to our body types. There are so many beautiful curvy models/celebs that can inspire you to be chic, sexy and proud of your curves. I love vintage looks from my favs like Dorothy Dandrige, Anna Nicole Smith & Sophia Loren. Of course be your own muse first, but having some inspiration from curvy girls like yourself can empower you to embrace the curves you have even more. It’s an entire community of gorgeous curvy woman that can inspire you to own your curves. Then aspire to inspire other woman to be proud of their curves as too.



Photography by Anastasia Garcia

Styling by Precious Lee

  Makeup by Jen Navaro at JUMP Management for Lancome and Kiehl’s

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