Selena and The Weeknd Decided to Unfollow Bella Hadid

Just when you thought we’d finally moved past the whole Selena Gomez vs. Bella Hadid narrative, Selena and The Weeknd had to go and unfollow Bella on Instagram.

Thanks, guys.

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In real life, it’s kind of a given that you’d wanna unfollow somebody because they’re your ex or they’re the ex of whoever you just started dating. But in celebrity world, it’s a hot button issue.

For some reason these days all celebrities are supposed to wanna stay friends and keep it cordial after breaking up, but celebrities are people too and staying social media friends with an ex is just asking for trouble.

Anyway, earlier today, eagle-eyed stans who apparently have nothing better to do all day than keep tabs on this kind of stuff, noticed that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd didn’t follow Bella Hadid on Instagram anymore.

And neither did ANY of his friends.

Abel unfollowed Bella on Instagram and so did his whole crew // @turntdallas

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Naturally, it caused quite a stir, partly because some fans are pretty sure Selena had something to do with her bf unfollowing his ex.

While there’s absolutely no information to prove or disprove this theory, if it was true, it’d make sense.

What girlfriend wants their boyfriend to keep following his ex on IG – especially when that ex is a supermodel?

To make things even more awkward, as of right now, Bella still follows The Weeknd.

And both Selena and The Weeknd still follow Bella’s sister Gigi.

And Gigi still follows both Selena and The Weeknd.

Will that all change?


Will any of it matter?


If you’re not good enough friends with somebody where you DGAF about unfollowing them on Instagram, you weren’t really good friends with them anyway.

Now let’s just get back to focusing on what really matters: how it’s really sad that Selena hates Instagram so much she deletes it and then gets her assistant to put it back on her phone at least once a week.

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