Selena Gomez wore Justin Bieber’s dirty hockey jersey after a game

We have no idea whether Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are back together or not, but one thing’s for sure: Selena wants us all to talk about it.

On the heels of her breakup with The Weeknd, Sele has been spending time with Justin Bieber. The paparazzi have coincidentally been present to photograph them together a few times now.

And yesterday, Selena was spotted watching Justin play hockey — and then leaving the rink with him, wearing his sweaty gross jersey. She was photographed leaving in a hoodie, black trousers, black patent leather heeled booties, and the jersey. You can see the unique ensemble here.

We have a few questions about this. For instance, why was Justin Bieber playing ice hockey in a Jersey Devils shirt? Who let the paps in to take  photos of him on the rink? Was Selena seriously wearing his dirty jersey?

If you’ve ever met a boy, you know that after they play sports, they usually stink — and that’s especially true if the sports they’re playing involve lots of pads, like hockey or football. That jersey probably reeked after Justin was through with it.

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Or there’s another possibility. Maybe it was a clean fresh jersey meant to be a red herring for Bieber’s. Honestly, though, it would be even weirder for Selena to wear a clean jersey that she knew everyone would assume to be Bieber’s.

The weirdest possibility of all, though, is that Sele is a closet New Jersey Devils fan and just happens to keep a couple jerseys on her at all times. Hell, maybe Justin was the one borrowing his shirt from her!

Either way, Sele is trying to make us all wonder, and it’s working.

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