This Is What it Looks Like When Selena Gomez Plans Your Engagement

When she’s not busy responding to her crazy ex boyfriend’s shenanigans on social media, Selena Gomez is leading her best life, which recently included throwing her cousin an engagement party that went so well Selena just had to spend the rest of the night dancing on the bar and taking tequila shots.

We have waited our whole lives for this #whyamIactinglikeigotaring 😝☺️

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As you can see, the 23-year-old is very close to her cousin Priscilla DeLeon, and when they were kids the two planned on getting married and having babies at the same time, although Priscilla sort of ruined that when she had a baby last year, but don’t worry, they have a plan B.  

I’ll wait for you to have #2.. Ps I’m getting the 5 year birth control so no rush 😂

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Obviously, it was only a matter of time before Selena was named Maid of Honor, although it probably didn’t hurt that Selena helped orchestrate what looks like an incredibly adorable engagement moment.

And this happened.

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Clearly, a celebration was in order, and what better way to celebrate anything than by taking some tequila shots and getting your dance on?

Someone just had to get in the picture 🙄 #KiddingChillOut

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Do you, Selena, do you.

P.S. What do you think? When Selena gets married, do you think she’ll chose Priscilla or Taylor as her maid of honor? Or, will she surprise us all by saying f*ck you to tradition and decide to have two?

Counting down the days until we get our answer.


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