Selena Gomez celebrated her 25th birthday by wearing white PJs

Selena Gomez celebrated her pre-birthday by doing activities in and around cars, and she celebrated her actual 25th birthday by wearing white PJs.


In every picture of Selena from her birthday, she’s wearing white PJs.

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Here’s Selena wearing white PJs while celebrating with her best friends.

And here’s her wearing white PJs while getting coffee with The Weeknd.

Selena and The Weeknd yesterday in LA ❤😍 #SelenaGomez #TheWeeknd

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Clearly Selena is very confident in her abilities to not spill anything on herself. After all, she is 25 now and adults are supposed to be responsible enough to not be clumsy children.

Most of us aren’t. On my 25th birthday for example, I spilled lots of alcohol over myself, my friends, and my backyard. At one point or another I also may or may not have had cake smeared all over my face because I thought it would be cute to eat it like a pig.

But more power to Selena Gomez for rising above plebeians like me with her prowess for not getting messy when there are cameras around to catch her.

Whether or not you can say the same thing about yourself, here are some white PJs Selena Gomez would definitely approve of.


These sweatpants are casual enough to be comfy but fitted enough where you can still show off your slim pins.

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You can’t go wrong with a simple white tank top. Yeah, you could call it boring, or you could be less rude and call it classic. They call it a fashion staple for a reason.

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If you want your sweatpants to look a little edgier, might we suggest this strategically ripped white pair? Yeah, wearing clothing that’s ripped doesn’t make you edgy anymore, wearing white pants without any underwear on underneath does. Look at that top rip. Unless you find the right g-string, you won’t get anything past those holes. That’s hot.

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Okay, so it’s a stretch to call this a PJ shirt, but it’s not a stretch to call this the perfect shirt to throw on to go to brunch, work, or whatever it is you have to leave the house for in the morning. It looks nice enough so nobody will give you judging looks, but it’s casual enough where you won’t need to wear a bra. And if you really wanted to fall asleep in it, you could. The shirt would get super wrinkly, but it wouldn’t be uncomfortable for you.

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