Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 2: All the Young Toads

If you’re watching Scream Queens (you know, the show that stars our latest cover star Keke Palmer) and wondering why this season seems so off, I’m right there with you.

It’s funny but not laugh-inducing the way it was last season. But that’s not to say that the episode was a complete let down, there were definite gems.There are still great one liners like “no more made up stories that aren’t scary” and “you can fight over Chanel’s breasts later.” And the homoerotic Dr. Brock Holt/Chad locker room shower scene is worth watching the episode alone.

Anyhow, below are some points worth discussing.

1. Chanel #5 is still alive.

Also still miserable. The Chanels won’t let up about her vagina having teeth and she finally found a hot boyfriend courtesy of Colton Haynes. Only problem is Colton Haynes is covered in weird “toad” bumps. Oh and he dies. So things still aren’t looking up for Chanel #5.

2. Chad is back.

Chad is back and is wearing crop tops. Denise is also back. We haven’t seen them interact yet but let’s be real, they are our OTP even if Chad insists on being re-infatuated with Chanel. Chad also learned two crucial things in this episode — 1) it takes years to become a doctor and 2) Dr. Brock Holt’s hand transplant came from a squash world champion/serial killer. So I’m doubling down on that “Dr. Holt is the Green Meanie” theory.

3. Dean Munsch is a cannibal.

Well, accidentally. Turns out she went to Papua New Guinea and ate what was probably a human brain. She’s now contracted a disease unique to cannibals called Kuru that is seemingly terminal. We also found out that she knew she was sick which is why she opened the hospital which removes her from last week’s slash list (for now).

4. Nurse Hoffell is weird as shit.

Seriously she is still a top contender for slasher. Let’s discuss all of the creepy shit she did this episode alone. She asked Zayday for the Chanels’ schedules, emphasizing times when they would be alone. She bugged Dean Munsch’s office, and can be seen weirdly pressed up against the glass outside her office.

5. Hester is likely coming back.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but Hester is definitely back in the picture. She somehow has information on the Green Meanie which is unfortunate because she’s only become more irritating since last season. She agreed to help the Chanels and Dr. Dean Munsch with the Green Meanie in exchange for transfer to their hospital as well as bunch of discontinued French skincare products (our girl).


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