Scout Willis Found the Most Creative Way to Go Topless on Halloween

Halloween is a magical day for women who dream of showing as much skin as humanly possible.

While Instagram is still playing the grumpy dad card when it comes to letting women go topless under its roof, Scout Willis figured out the most creative way to avoid any dad’s vigilant eyes: she dressed up like a hairy man.

Scott rides again Resist him if you dare

A photo posted by Scout laRue Willis (@scoutlaruewillis) on

“Scott rides again,” Scout said of her male alter ago. “Resist him if you dare.”

While on the surface, Scott doesn’t look like any woman’s dreamboat, for a woman who’s actually walked around New York City topless to protest Instagram’s no nipples policy, being Scott does offer Scout some freedom that being a woman doesn’t.

Scott meets weird Al

A photo posted by Scout laRue Willis (@scoutlaruewillis) on

Granted, walking around anywhere in public with a forest of chest hair on your chest isn’t every girl’s idea of a dream come true, but it sure is one helluva way to be tits out for Halloween while also exposing society’s #blatantsexism.

Glad you’re putting your Ivy League degree to such great use, girl.

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