Scott Disick Spotted Making Out With That Girl Who Looks Like Kendall Jenner

UPDATE: Scott Disick is still single and still hanging out with Christine Burke, his 20-year-old girlfriend/fuckbuddy/whatever who looks exactly like Kendall Jenner. 

In case you need a little refresher on her, we’ll refer you back to this page.

Yesterday, Scott and Christine/Kendall II were spotted making out in a not so private bungalow in the South of France. And by not so private, we mean there was literally another couple two inches away from them.

TBH, unless the original plan was to have a foursome, this arrangement is pretty sleazy, but hey, at least they had the decency to have it all go down in a place where the paparazzi could easily find them. 

Side note/real talk: Scott’s been famous for years and should know the drill vis-a-vis paparazzi. Unless he wanted us/Kourtney to see this, which would make sense, because he’s a di(si)ck.

To make matters even more creepy, do you know who else Scott has been spending a lot of time with at Cannes?

Kendall Jenner.

Like, the real one.

The night before Scott and Kendall II almost got kinky with some maybe strangers, Scott and Kendall spent the night partying at Gotham Nightclub.

And one to three hours after Scott and Kendall II hooked up, Scott put on a clean shirt and hung out with Kendall at an official Cannes event.

Like seriously, what is going on here?

According to Entertainment Tonight, Kendall II and Scott are dating and the Kardashians know about it, so WTF do you think Kendall makes of all this?

Obviously if she does know then she clearly has no embarrassment about the fact that her quasi-brother-in-law thinks she’s hot, but does the fact that they’re still hanging out all the time open the door for a line to be crossed, at least by Scott? 

And most importantly, what does Kourtney think?

So many questions.

Thanks, Lord Disick. 

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[H/T Daily Mail

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