Science Just Gave Us 1 More Reason to Avoid Carbs

We all know that besides fat, carbs are the most delicious genre of food, scientifically speaking.

But carbs have also been found repeatedly to be one of the most fattening. And now for the double buzzkill: carbs can apparently increase your risk of lung cancer, a recent study found.

The study looked at how foods with a high glycemic index (a.k.a. starchy high-carb stuff) can cause a reaction that promotes cell growth. And if your cells are irregular at all, this can translate into a quicker spread of tumors and cancerous cells, Mic reports. High-glycemic index foods can also be connected to other types of cancers according to other studies.

This obviously isn’t going to make us stop eating carbs altogether because you kiiiind of need them to live, but it’s a great excuse to increase our intake of antioxidant-heavy fruits and vegetables.

But hey, let’s look on the bright side: red wine can stop the growth of lung cancer cells, according to another study. Wow, so what we have here is an excuse to avoid carbs ahead of bathing suit season and an excuse to drink red wine? Love ya, science.

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