Sarah Palin Tries Clapping Back at Azealia Banks, Tells Her to ‘Condone Racism’ Instead

For a minute this week, it looked like Sarah Palin was going to come out of a Twitter feud as the classier party for once. But today, when she tried to clap back at Azealia Banks, she made a huge mistake by telling Banks that the two of them, together, should be using their platforms to “condone racism.”

It all started yesterday when Azealia tweeted a bunch of brutal threats in response to a Sarah Palin quote. Palin had apparently told a publication, “I’m telling you, I’ve been saying it for years, but nobody’s listening – slavery wasn’t forced onto African-Americans, they accepted it willingly.”

Obviously a pretty incendiary, messed up, and racist quote. Banks responded by tweeting that Palin needs to get her head shaved and get “headfucked by a big, shiny, ashy dick then locked in a cupboard.” She added a few minutes later, “Let’s find the burliest blackest negroes and have them run a train on her.” The tweets have since been deleted for some reason.

There was only one problem, though: The original Palin quote — the one Banks was so up in arms about — was fake. It was from some fake Onion “satire” site called Newslo. Palin never said it.

This was a great opportunity for Palin to leave the situation alone and look like the bigger, classier person. Instead, she decided to write a response to Banks on Facebook — not Twitter, not Instagram, but Facebook — and totally blow it by not understanding what the word “condone” means.

In Palin’s response, she told Banks that the two of them should be using their platforms for “condoning racism.” She probably meant something else, like “getting rid of”? I don’t know. She’s since deleted the post, but Mic got a screenshot:


As in all celebrity social media feuds, this was pretty fruitless and no one can be declared a real winner. Sarah Palin made a few solid points about rape jokes being very not-chill, but at the same time, she’s still racist and apparently believes “female rapper” is an insult, so she’s not exactly Gloria Steinem.

And now, Palin is allegedly suing Banks, which frankly is an even bigger waste of time than reading an Azealia Banks tweet storm. Again, no one wins.

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