Sam Bruno’s “Hello Hater” is all about killing them with kindness

You’ve probably heard the Selena Gomez “Kill Em With Kindness” tune, which is also some of the best advice your Grandma has told you. Well, Selena isn’t the only one who is down with killing those haters with kindness in a fun, super lit, typa way…

Sam Bruno has just dropped her new single “Hello Hater” from her debut EP, “I AM SAM, pt.1” which is — you guessed it — a track you can sing while feeling fly in the presence of your haters. But instead of throwing shade a la Katy Perry and TSwift, Sam thinks it’s better to send “nothing but love.”

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The beginning of the video lists words for “family” in Spanish, something that Sam doesn’t take lightly. Rules for gaining admission into her squad? “Rule number one: don’t look for new friends, if we’re meant to be friends, we will naturally be in each other’s lives. Rule two: quality over quantity,” she says.

But maybe more importantly, the shit that’ll get you kicked out? “If you aren’t supporting my growth, you gotta go. If you gossip, you gotta go.”

Same, girl. Same.

The track is a summer dreamsicle of vibe-y pop-synth with easily-chant-able lyrics and dance-able bass-lines, so get ready to move!

And just in case you do have to make an appearance somewhere where haters might be in attendance, Sam says to rock a comfy outfit so that “there’s no room for insecurity” — then the haters can’t touch you.

“Just let it go, throw two fingers up and keep it movin!!” Sam says.

Check the video out here, and give Sam a follow on the socials.

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