Ryan Destiny Is Killing It in Our Favorite Spring Trends

Hailing from Detroit and one the leading ladies on Fox’s “Star,” Ryan Destiny is officially our new young Hollywood obsession.

Not only are we green with envy over her chilled out style and adorable makeup looks, we’re also convinced she’d be a great bestie after our interview with her. And if Ellen Degeneres and Portia ever had a baby, she’ll be it. You know, Ryan Degeneres does have a nice ring to it.

Take a look at our shoot of Ryan in the cutest 2000s-inspired spring trends below (gf’s got abs for days!).

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What motto did you live by but then realized it didn’t help you?

Practice makes perfect. I’m a perfectionist so I had to learn that you can never be perfect. I can only grow. I’ve continuously grown.

If you could be the baby of a celebrity couple, which couple would it be?

Besides the obvious, Jay and B. I LOVE Ellen Degeneres. So if her and Portia could be my parents that’d be a bomb life.

What is your biggest social media pet peeve?

If I go to your page and all I see are snap chat filters I instantly click away. I’m sorry!

What’s the weirdest comment you’ve gotten on Insta?

A guy I never met poured his heart out to me on a comment, almost a page long. Those things can get weird.

What is the lamest nickname a bf/gf has given you? 

Yummy face…? It was also a lame relationship so, hey!

If someone walked in on you home alone, without you expecting them, what embarrassing act would they catch you in?

Blasting music dancing and singing like I’m in a music video is legit me all the time at home. It’s embarrassing but I’d also hate for them to kill my vibe.

If you ran for president what would your slogan be?

“RD gets it.”

If your current life situation were a movie, which one would it be and why?

The Terminal with Tom Hanks. Currently I’ve been getting crazy delayed flights left and right and I feel like I live at the airport a lot of times! Blessed I’ve got somewhere to go, though.

What small aspect of your day to day life do you hate and wish you could skip out? Why?

I wear contacts, so I really wish I could skip out on taking them out every morning and night… but I do any way. Don’t try that at home.

If you had to choose a life slogan, what would it be?

Don’t let the world make you hate.

Jacket: Marques Almdeida | Top: Alexander Wang | Pants: Marques Almeida (Available at SSENSE.com)
Glasses: Gloss The Label | Jacket: Sacai | Hot Pant: Land of Woman | Sneakers: Rick Owens (Available at SSENSE.com)

Jacket: Phillip Lim | Bra: Versace | Skirt: Versus Versus | Shoe: Alexander Wang (Available at SSENSE.com)

Jacket: WIZZOLX | Tee: Made Gold | Skirt: From Grayscale | Boot: Alyx Studio

Photography & Creative Direction by Prince and Jacob

Styling by Scot Louie

Makeup by Brooke Hill using Marc Jacobs Beauty

Hair by Cesar Ramirez

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