Roscoe Ramone believes self-love and Botox can coexist

There are almost TOO MANY Instagram influencers these days, they all kinda look the same, they all kinda seem to be doing the same shit and promoting the same brands. Our girl Roscoe Ramone stands out like a beautiful, gay unicorn with blueberry-tinted mane and seamless contour in a world full of these IG livestock.

Lucky for us, she took a break from her rigorous self-care routine to tip us off on some great beauty tips for winter and a few wise words regarding self-love. Don’t sleep on this body-posi beauty guru, check out her interview with Galore below!

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What products do you swear by for your skin?

Neogen Bio-peel gauze peeling and Dr. Jart skincare were the team players that really got my skin game winning, together with non-talc mineral foundation powders that helped minimize pore-clogging. I switch between Glo Skin Beauty and CoverFX for that.

What are your winter ​make-up must haves?

Nothing holds a candle to Laura Mercier Candleglow powder. TRUST me! I used to work at Sephora in SoHo, New York, and using it as a finishing powder elevates everyone’s look. It just kinda blends everything together and makes your contour and highlight look seamless, like you were just born looking that sculpted.

How do you create perfect ​bombshell looks for instagram?

I’ve turned my beauty routine into something magical and non-negotiable. I wake up at 7 a.m. every morning even if I have a girl in my bed or no plans that day. I light candles, listen to “The Read,” get my lemon water and green juice, and give myself a solid hour and a half of slow priming, primping and glamming.

That way if someone spontaneously invites me to go out and do something that day, which is often the case, I’m ready. There are always cute photo op moments throughout the day, and I’m never not looking my best. I literally think of every day as my wedding day in terms of skincare, make-up, and styling.

What’s your biggest beauty indulgence?

I’m pretty DIY with most of my beauty treatments, but I love Botox and fillers tbh! I go to Christine Storstrom in Oslo, she’s an angel and a complete genius. I’m all about that soft, fat-faced, Lana del Rey life. I definitely see myself as a work of art.

I love natural goddess-given beauty, but I also feel that my greatest joy in life is morphing and self-actualizing into my personal ideal. To do that in a way that isn’t self-destructive, you have to be in tuned with yourself and all your (constructive) desires. When looking for ways to take back control over my body after sexual abuse, a hair color change, fillers, and tattoos all helped advance my healing.

Are you a ​lip gloss or red lips kind of ​bombshell?

I would say lip gloss, because I’m a 1991 kid, and my love for 2000s mall culture and Limited Too are true and everlasting. My everyday lip look is with Tata Harper lip tint in Very Naughty, Glossier’s cherry Balm Dotcom, and RMS bronzer or eyeshadow dabbed over the top. I also really like Limecrime metallic Velvetine in Lana.

What is your go-to nail colour?

One coat of black nail polish, another coat of green metallic nail polish, and your nails will look like a cool oil spill. But I usually just opt for a strengthening top coat. Dyke moves.

What make-up product do you think is the most underrated and why?

​​RMS Living Luminizer. I’m so turned off by matte lately. I want to look dewy and juicy, like I’ve just climaxed or something. I apply it strategically to give the illusion of a more defined bone structure.

What’s a product in your own make-up bag do you never leave without? 

I used to not go anywhere without blotting papers, but now I feel like the best way to keep your makeup looking fresh is to regularly spray face mist over it! If I remember to drink water, I also remember to give my face a quick drink of Mario Badescu facial spray or Dr. Hauschka’s facial toner. I’m all about obeying my thirst goddess!

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5 tips for loving your true self? 

1. Give yourself a fucking break and stop striving to be lovable.

2. Redefine what success looks like to you, because it’s not the same for everyone. Be very specific when chasing your dreams.

3. Keep softening your heart, but don’t open up to just anyone. Be super picky. They have to derserve it, want to be there, and show that with their actions and words.

4. Society’s idea of “natural beauty” is oppressive. I don’t let anyone shame me for self-actualizing, because that’s just what being queer and loving myself looks like to me! Who says you have to spend your life striving to accept your imperfections. That’s for some people, but not everyone. You can take matters into your own hands to represent yourself to the world the way you want to. Body positivity and Botox can co-exist.

5. Respect yourself and others enough by not being passive aggressive. Let’s just be grown. Communicate your needs.

How is it growing up in Oslo? 

I’m American-born, and I grew up scattered part-time between the states, London, and Oslo (thanks to my father’s job and my parents’ messy divorce). Earlier this year I left my Brooklyn life to come back to Oslo and support my family. My younger sister needed help leaving her abusive boyfriend, and my mom and I needed some bonding. Oslo is an okay place to take a breather, but it definitely doesn’t fit the shape of my soul. I’m a Southern California girl at heart.

Where do the cool girls party eat and shop there? 

Did @princeandjacob really just refer to me as a cool girl? I’m living!
Bettola is my favorite bar! I’m there way too often. With the 70s interior and Italian spirits, I always feel like my best self when I’m there sipping spritz.
Le Benjamin makes this shellfish dish with fresh pasta that I fantasize about daily and it happens to be located right across the street from Bettola.
Shopping in Oslo is underwhelming, especially for a girl my size. I save shopping for when I’m traveling.

One quote you live by? 

If you don’t question yourself, then you are wrong a lot.

What products do you use to maintain that fab blue hair? 

I’ve been chasing the perfect blue for over 5 years now, and I can say that Manic Panic Turquoise and Tigi Bedhead Blue Colortrip are my fave. I use Oribe styling products to give me that retro shape and texture I’m going for! And they smell so good, but like, unisex!

What is next for you in 2018?  ​

I think that now that I have decent self-care practices in place, I can focus on my giving. I’m excited to find even more ways to support my friends and peers, contribute to important conversations, and of course enjoy myself in 2018. I’m grateful for the the privilege to interact with all of you online, winning over the hearts of the people with my conversational captions and gay selfies.

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