CYN’s new music vid is super creepy but SUPER relatable

Nobody really knew that Katy Perry started a record label, but her latest artist CYN is about to get Unsub Records some serious attention.

CYN never though music would actually work out for her. She was enrolled in college when she got the chance to be signed to Unsub. After a cold call email, DJ Skeet Skeet and Katy Perry couldn’t say no to CYN’s raw talent and swooped her out of the suburban, middle-American life she was making for herself after hearing some of her original music and falling in love with her addicting, ethereal vocals.

CYN just dropped a new music video for “Only With You” and went ALL OUT with the creepy vibes, which, in contrast with her youthful, bubbly appearance, makes the video equal parts weird and cute. A humorous exaggeration of intoxicating infatuation that can make even the most innocent, young girls seem wildly unhinged, CYN’s new video will definitely make you laugh. Check it out below!

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