How to rock a crop top with a hint of underboob

Real bras are out, and underboob is in.

Crop tops became a MAJOR hit in the 90s when pop queenz like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were longing to show the world that they were NO LONGER girls, but women who were in charge of owning their sexuality.


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sweats and a crop tee are my go to

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And now, the trend is coming back. Bella Thorne’s been known to rock some UB, as shown above. And back in August, Kendall Jenner was spotted rocking the trend on a night out in NYC with her besties Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin. She wore an abbreviated white tank top and paired it with an adorable micro mini.

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The crop top underboob is a chic twist on an old classic. Like super sexy, but not over the top.

There are 7 different ways you can rock the crop top with underboob and I’m here to give it to ya, so pay attention babes!

You can do it with the…

1. Cropped Tank

Kendall rocked it, so can you!

FYI: The cropped tank top doesn’t have to be in white, it can be in any color you prefer — maybe nude, which is definitely super risky, or classic black.

To save money, you can actually just use one of your old tank tops that you don’t wear anymore to recreate the exact Kendall look. Before you cut the tank top, make sure to measure the exact area of where you want to cut it.

Also, when you are doing this, hold the top against your chest to see what it looks like. The #1 rule is to NEVER cut it ABOVE where the nipple area is. It has to be in line with them basically, in order to show the under part of your boobs.

2. Artsy Handz

Rihanna is the QUEEN of mastering the crop top underboob. She gave every woman who has graced the cover of Vogue a run for their money, when she used her own hands as a crop top for the Vogue Brasil May 2014 cover.

It was just a super iconic moment for RiRi  and made the “artsy handz” crop top underboob a fashion phenomenon. So you’re just going to cover the top part of your boobs aka the nipples with both your hands keeping the flat, don’t cup them, squish them together a little bit, and make sure just the underboob is showing.

Obviously, this works best for selfies and topless sunbathing. Your hands might get tired if you try to rock it all day long. #FuckyoDIY

3. Long-sleeved Turtleneck

If you want that ultra sexy thotty Steve Jobs look, go with a black cropped turtleneck that has long sleeves.

You can find one at H&M or maybe you want to stick with the whole 90s Britney theme, then go to a really fun vintage popup shop!

For how to rock this look, it’s really up to you. It’s a little longer in the front than most crop tops because it’s a heavier fabric. You can have a little bit of your underboob on display, or a lot. You can even cut the sleeves off to make it edgier, and not like your typical boring turtleneck.

4. Your not-so-typical halter

The halter top is still very much a thing. But now it has been made into a crop top that is not so innocent. And the great thing about this crop top is that you can still wear it with your little daisy dukes and killer knee-high boots.

5. “Scalloped” crop top

This top has been worn by model Bella Hadid, she recently just posted a photo on insta looking BAE AF wearing the Dior SS16 scalloped hem crop top. You can also do a lace crop top to make it even more high fashion. For the scalloped hemline, cut it into flower-petal like shapes, or whatever you prefer (as long as it is under boob worthy, of course!).

It doesn’t have to be the exact same shape or size as Bella’s, so do as you may! In the end you will have one pretty little  scalloped crop top.

6. The Cropped Hoodie

I absolutely love this top because it’s super comfortable and sporty AF. Bella Thorne recently rocked the look at NYFW for the Rochambeau spring ’18 fashion show in a baby pink cropped hoodie with matching low-rise sweat pants and of course a pair of hot-pink stiletto boots!


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You can rock it with a pair of your fave skinny jeans or do the sweatshirt, sweatpants combo like Bella did. And for the colors, brighten it up. That way, you will stand out amongst the crowd of fashionistas! Don’t stick with black, it’s too serious. You want to keep it fun and whimsical!

The main thing is to show off your underboob, don’t  hide it. Dare to bare, honey.

And what’s that saying? “Less is more.”

Nah fuck that shit.  It should be, “more is better.”

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