Robyn Lawley’s New Swimwear Collection Will Actually Fit Your Curves

Summer may be a few months and a handful of snow storms away, but Robyn Lawley has swimsuits on the brain.

Specifically, her swimsuits.

In addition to making Sports Illustrated modeling history — Robyn was the first plus-sized model to be featured in the SI Swimsuit Issue — Robyn also has her own line of plus-size swimsuits called Robyn Lawley Swim.

“Women want options and they also want quality,” Robyn explained. “I focus on creating high quality [swimsuits]. Not only do they last longer, but it feels better.”

Plus they’re sexy as hell.

“Fit for me is always the first goal. Finding a swimsuit that doesn’t cut in and hugs in the right places can be a challenge at my size,” Robyn tells us. “Half the reason I began designing was because bikinis always cut into my hips. And there was nothing for the high fashion chick.”

Often, that’s the problem with plus-size swimwear: not enough to choose from.

“Women want options and they also want quality. I focus on creating high quality. Not only do they last longer, but they feel better — all the swim suits are double lined and have added cup support and power mesh. The best part is the lush fabrics.”

And let me tell you, hew new collection — photographed below by Robyn herself without a lick of retouching or makeup — does not disappoint.

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Galore: For your last collection, I know you really wanted your swimsuits to be a lot more sexy, what was your goal this time?

Robyn Lawley: Fit for me is always the first goal, as finding a swimsuit that doesn’t cut in, and hugs in the right places can be a challenge at my size. I also wanted to have something for everyone. Out on the red carpet I glam up, but day to day I dress mainly like guy so I wanted a more rock chic aesthetic. I love this collection because it’s such beautiful quality that’s not comprising style.

Do you have a favorite?

Ohhh, I love my love me forever swimsuit which features my own photograph of a bull skull. It’s something I’ve never seen on a swimsuit or been able to buy before so I love it.

As somebody who’s been in Sports Illustrated, do you have any tips for posing in swimsuits to really highlight your curves?

Look confident and content, whenever I photograph a girl it’s always refreshing to see a happy confident girl no matter what size.

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What do you think of the body positive movement in general?

I want women to feel strong, I have a daughter myself, I never want her to feel ashamed of her natural size or any size she is.

Life is too short.

Yeah, even though plus size models are gaining visibility now and websites are really embracing body positivity, from your experience, do you think the stigma’s really lifting for working models in the mainstream fashion industry?

I really don’t get it, the whole “models are meant to be coat hangers” [mindset], because we’re not, we’re living breathing humans and models can really make a brand.

What’s wrong with showing high end fashion on a [catwalk that’s] size-diverse and inclusive of ethnicities and ages? I’m a designer I can make a sample whatever size I want. It’s this old notion that models have to be painfully thin, they don’t.

I’m glad companies are finally getting the message that we should be empowering women and their beautiful bodies.

How do you feel about the term plus size?

I’ve come to a point in my life where I don’t personally care what anyone calls me. I’m content with my body.

What infuriates me is there’s no middle ground, it’s one extreme or another, there’s a huge disconnect with the fashion world.

I never thought being my natural size was such a heated topic, but the fact is, a majority of companies use models that are 0-6 for all campaigns and runway and that’s all we’ve seen for so long (my whole life). Any size 12 model like myself are then used for size 14 and up — can’t we just say f*ck it and use everyone of all sizes?

Size diversity FTW!!!



How do you think the industry has changed from when you started your career?

It’s blossomed. I never thought I would be in the pages of SI let alone a curvy model and an athlete on the cover. It’s an amazing feeling, this movement.

Now, Trump isn’t exactly known for being kind or supportive to women — what effect do you think Trump presidency will have on the body posi movement?

I’m hoping Trump doesn’t mess with our rights more importantly but knowing him he probably will. It’s unfortunate because he’s being quoted so many times bashing women’s looks. As if his opinion on her beauty then singles out who she is as a person. I hate the man.

Have you ever been insecure before and how’d you get over it? 

I think everyone has, I just got over dieting. It was so gross, I love good quality food, not diet crap filled with chemicals. I also know no one’s going to change how you feel about yourself except yourself.  I’m a 6’2″ size 12 Aussie chick that’s just who I am and we should celebrate our differences!

What advice do you have for girls on Instagram who follow all these size 2 models or the Kardashians and feel bad about themselves because they don’t look like that? 

We all can get down on ourselves, comparing is the worst, maybe start following people who empower you in other ways, she/he could be a writer or a National Geographic photographer. You can also take a break from it, I sometimes do, take a hobby up, feel empowered using your mind.








Check out more of Robyn’s sexy af swimsuits here.  

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