EXCLUSIVE: Robyn Lawley’s Steamy New Swimwear Video Has Zero Makeup or Retouching

After making history in 2015’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, Robyn Lawley is back with a new range of swimwear and a beautifully shot trailer to go along with it. We talked to Robyn about the video, which you can see at the bottom of this post.

Starring models Iskra Lawrence (pictured above), Leah Kelley (pictured below), and Tanya Gervasi, the video includes music by Indiana and was shot in New York City’s Roxy Hotel.

The models exclusively wear suits from Lawley’s Robyn Lawley swimwear line, which is available online at her own website, and at Hey Gorgeous, Swimsuits For All, and ASOS. But one thing all of the bathing suits have in common (besides major sex appeal) is that they’re incredibly well-made.

“The key to a sexy one-piece is it has to have support,” Robyn told Galore about the line. “It has to have power mesh and cutouts. Paneling is also very important in our suits.”

This creates the nipped-in-waist effect you can see in on the models — who are rocking some serious hourglass figures on their own.

“I have such gorgeous friends,” Robyn said of the models. “Iskra I just saw at a show recently and she walked past me and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, her body.’ I did a double take and I really don’t do those often.”

Robyn selected these three models so that she could head behind the camera for this video — a position she says she actually prefers over modeling.

She selected a hotel room as the location for the shoot because she knew the video would be premiering in the winter instead of the summer. She builds demand for both the suits and the models’ faces by keeping them in close-up instead of showing full body shots. All this combined with the seriously sexy soundtrack create quite an intimate effect.

Plus, the models are wearing no makeup at all besides some lip balm.

“I think it looks cleaner,” Robyn said of her choice to shoot the girls fresh-faced. “When it’s just me and my friends, it’s a lot easier to just create stuff. I always tell my models not to put makeup on.”

For this season in Robyn Lawley Swimwear, Robyn wanted her suits to be “a lot more sexy.”

“The plus-size market can be a little frumpy, or if it is sexy, not supportive enough,” she said. “That black suit in particular is the miracle suit. I’ve put it on skinny girls, big girls, tall girls, any type, and it just fits everyone.”

Currently, Robyn Lawley Swimwear comes in sizes US 8 to 20 but Robyn hopes one day to carry every size.

“I want someone to be able to buy whatever size they are,” she said. “But when you’re a small company, that’s got extreme limitations because you’re at the mercy of buyers and things like that. The market is quite saturated in the smaller sizes. I wanted to create a brand that’s in that in-between area.”

At the moment, the issue Robyn’s line currently focuses on fixing is simply providing better plus-size swimsuits since they can be so impossible to find.

“I lived with that,” Robyn said. “I couldn’t actually physically find swimsuits to fit me. I know I’m [considered] big in the fashion world but in reality, I’m just a really tall girl and I should be able to find a suit that fits me and looks good. This shouldn’t be complicated.”

The rest of the fashion world — especially the so-called “straight sizes” — have some catching up to do, especially when it comes to representation.

“They’re so gorgeous,” Robyn said of the models featured in her video, “and that’s what frustrates me. We’re not making steps in the regular fashion world — only in the plus world. The plus world is conquering new things every day and the regular fashion world keeps using one size of body. Size diversity is beautiful and that’s the world and that’s reality.”

But the coolest thing about Robyn’s video is that it showcases curvier models the way any other model would be shown, and Robyn confirms that’s no accident.

“That’s how I treat all my girls,” she said. “I want to shoot them high fashion and cool. I love my body the way it is all the time — I want them to feel sexy and be sexy all the time. It’s very easy to shoot these girls.”

Robyn’s video, HOTEL SWIM, debuts below. 

See Robyn’s 2014 Galore shoot here.

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