Who we’re shipping on Riverdale season 2

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The couples in Riverdale seem to be set in stone, and most of the fans are shipping the obvious.

Almost everyone wants an Archie/Veronica and a Betty/Jughead duo situation. I think differently, however. Mainly because I’m in love with Cole Sprouse and want to see him alone forever on the show for my own personal fantasies but who can blame me? Others I am shipping just because I think they’re juicy af, and I want to see everything on the show fall into chaos. The drama is what it’s all about anyway, right?

The characters I’m about to ship might shock you. Prepare to get really into these couples when season two rolls around tonight. You’re about to see how right I am!

1. Jarchie

We ALL know you want this. We ALL know Riverdale made us want this with this shower scene. Keep your eyes peeled for more Jarchie clues this season… I’m feeling this one.

2. Betty and a serpent

We all want little goody-two-shoes to get boned. I feel like that’s only about to happen with a serpent bad-boy. Also, I just feel like she should stay away from Jughead — we’re all getting a little to jealous after that near-sex scene.

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3. Cheryl & FP

Cheryl’s already told us she’s into the DILFs of Riverdale, I’m just shipping her with FP Jones because he’s my DILF of choice. This couple would be baller looks-wise, and they would probably wreck a ton of havoc together.

4. Cheronica

I’m dying for Cheryl to be bisexual mainly because the show is lacking on sexual diversity other than the two male gay characters — who are not focused on at all, really. But also, this couple would be super hot. They definitely had some subtle moments in season one… what will season two bring? Also Cheryl two-timing with Veronica and FP Jones sounds WILD.

5. Kevin and anyone who treats him right!!!!

I need Kevin to get a boo that’s not using him in an elaborate plot. Give this boy some respect!!!! Like let our gay characters liveeee!! (For once).

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