The best Riverdale fan accounts to follow on Instagram

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“Riverdale” is BACK TONIGHT, Y’ALL! And as soon as season two begins, we’re ready for everyone to obsess over every single plot detail and potential relationship like we have been since the jump.

Now that “Riverdale” is on its second season, it seems like the fan base has only multiplied — and gotten more rabid. The show was being quietly buzzed about before its first season. People weren’t really sure what the deal was with this kinda-“Twin Peaks”-esque Archie reboot.

But now that everyone’s had a minute to let “Riverdale” settle in, and binged it god knows how many more times on Netflix, it’s safe to say “Riverdale” mania is in full effect.

So it makes sense that there are Riverdale fan accounts popping up left and right on Instagram. Here are a few of our faves.


This is where you’ll find your standard “Riverdale” memes. They really know how to take whatever meme is post popular at the moment, and make it fit into the “Riverdale” canon.



↠1.04 ↳what phone you got, cheryl? ☟ −; what colour is your hair? −; brown ☝︎ ⇢fc; 10,321

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If you watch “Riverdale” for the savagery of its vixens, look no further than this account. It’ll give you life even on your meekest of days.


If you like your “Riverdale” memes absurdist and insane, this is the account for you.


This account has the most iconic dating-related “Riverdale” memes, plus a few other totally goofy ones just to keep you on your toes.


❧ agree or disagree? dis

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This account is like if the “just sayin'” shrug emoji came to life. It’s full of random observations sent in by fans. Just be warned, though, sometimes the debates in the comments get brutal.

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