Rihanna Designed a Pair of $840 Sunglasses for Dior in One Super Chill Day

Rihanna has been all about the fashion collaborations this year, and now she’s teamed up with Dior to create a futuristic pair of sunglasses that nerds and cool girls alike will want to spend all their money on.

Behold, the “Rihanna.”


Ooooh, shiny.

Modeled on the eyewear that La Forge wears in “Star Trek” (yes, really), the Rihanna sunglasses will be available exclusively in Dior stores starting in early June, and will set you back $840.

Or, if you’re really feeling like a baller, you can purchase the special 24-karat gold version, which will retail at $1,950.

Still, isn’t it worth it to own a pair of sunglasses that according to Matthew Jamin, Dior’s eyewear designer, Rihanna was very involved in creating?

“She chose all the materials,” Jamin told WWD. “We had a lot of different samples with different effect of metals. She chose all the lenses and took time to match all the colors together to see if it was right on her face. It was really important to her.”

And seeing as Rihanna’s foray into design marks the first time Dior has ever let one of its house ambassadors help create a product for them, it’s no wonder why she took the process so seriously. 

For her part, Rihanna says, “the process was pretty seamless. I spent a day at Dior with their eyewear design team. I started by looking through all the archives to see what they’ve done in the past, then got acquainted with all the new materials. I literally sat there and drew and drew until I was happy with the design, and the team illustrated it for me right then and there. We picked materials and colors that same day, and after that it was a matter of weeks before I saw the first prototype.”

Rihanna is almost too chill sometimes, like when she admits it took her like five minutes to design a pair of glasses that will set you back $840, but hey, guess that’s her brand. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

And in just a matter of weeks, you too can see the final product on your eyes, even if it’s just to try them on because let’s be real, we all lose or break our sunglasses within a month of getting them anyway so maybe it’s not the wisest idea to sink a month’s rent into a pair.

Then again, if there was ever a time to learn some responsibility, it would be for Riri.

When you reppin da PHUCK out yo own shit!!!

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