Rihanna Designed Workout Clothes for Marie Antoinette

Rihanna showed her second iteration of her Fenty x Puma line in Paris yesterday and it was very Rihanna, by which I mean it was full of clothes that nobody besides Rihanna, and the legions of devotees who dress in her image in the hopes of acquiring even 1/8 of her swag, could actually pull off without looking like a hot mess.

Telling the New York Times her inspiration was, “what if Marie Antoinette went to the gym,” Rihanna’s new collection is full of lace up corsets, pastel sweatpants, shiny satin fabric and bows.

You know, pretty much anything you would never actually wear to the gym.


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she looked out for us guys too. my faves of the men’s looks. #fentyxpuma

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She also showed her new iteration of the Fenty Puma slides, which I’m not too proud to admit I spent $80 on because I thought they looked so cool. Only this time around, instead of having fur, these slides will have a satin bow on them. Chances are they will still cost $80.

“Let’s do this thing,” Rihanna said before the show. “Let’s make some money.”

Undoubtedly she will, but none of it will come out of my pocket.

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