WATCH: Rihanna Frees the Nipple in Brand New ‘Needed Me’ Video

Sometime today around 4 in the morning, Rihanna made a surprise announcement: she was dropping a music video for “Needed Me” directed by Harmony Korine.  


“Just because it’s 420.”

Essentially, the music video is just like Spring Breakers, only instead of Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens getting into mischief in bikinis, it’s Rihanna making trouble in a sheer blue robe with just a thong on underneath. 

It’s very Free The Nipple, and nobody is upset about it.

The plot centers around Rihanna, a gun, and a heavily tattooed man who did her wrong. By the time we hit the strip club, let’s just say dollars aren’t the only thing that’s flying around.

Watch it below:

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