Rihanna Just Declared Her Love For Drake in the Form of a Shark Tattoo

The Rihanna and Drake love saga continues. This time, it’s in ink.

Tattoo ink that is.

While everyone was freaking the fuck out this morning over Aubrih’s super steamy ON THE LIPS kiss in Miami last night, it appears that Rihanna was also getting some new ink to really really prove how much she loves Drake.

Because isn’t that all how we show our love for our boyfriends?

Camo shark for my dear friend @badgalriri Also… I just found out you can zoom on IG- enjoy 🙂

A photo posted by Bang Bang (@bangbangnyc) on

It appears that Rihanna and Drake flew Bang Bang, a notorious celeb tatter and personal fave of Rih’s, down to Miami for Drake and Future’s Summer Sixteen show (and to tat Rihanna).

The shark first appeared in that cute as fuck photo Drake posted of him and Rih on their date at the Toronto Aquarium.

He posted the photo on the night he presented Rihanna with the Vanguard award at this year’s VMAs, congratulating her. He also bought her a damn billboard, if you forgot.

Ugh, these two! My heart swoons for Aubrih. Bang Bang also allegedly tattooed Drake, but we have yet to see any photos of that. Is it wishful thinking to hope they got lil matching camo sharks?

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