These Rich Pets Have More Instagram Followers Than You Ever Will

Famous people are just like us (I mean that’s what people say). The most basic thing celebrities do that we actually all can relate to = pet Instagrams. Everyone thinks their fluff is the cutest snuggle muffin in the world. In this case, these rich bitches are probably snuggling between meals of pinot noir and caviar.

All these little fluffy things have more followers than you. But how can you be mad at a kitten? YOU CAN’T BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT A MONSTER!

Taylor Swift’s Cats Olivia and Meredith: 10,000 and 19,000 followers

I opted for a pic from Meredith’s insta because she has waaayyyyy more followers. Sorry Liv. Also I think she’s weirder and therefore, cuter. The burns keep coming Liv. My B.

Lena Dunham’s Dog Lamby: 17,300 followers

Lamby is the lovechild of Lena and her boyfriend Jack Antonoff. This is an insta you should follow even if you don’t watch Girls or even like Lena. She photoshops Lamby onto magazine covers, music videos and even Super Bowl pics. It’s actually the best. If you think your dog is the greatest, why not make him GOAT you know bro?

Miley Cyrus’ Cat Shanti Om: 121,000 followers

Look at this tiny bundle of goodness! Miley (like Lena) likes to photoshop her kitten in other pics, some are even throw backs to her baby days. It is just too much cuteness. She photoshopped this cat onto Kris Jenner’s shoulder and that’s when I bought her last album. It’s actually really good. Thanks Kitty!

Mike Nouveau’s Cat Tamago: 17,300 followers

You may know Mike Nouveau as a famous NY DJ. False. He’s actually a professional softie. I wonder if this was really his Christmas card. I would marry him if his cat could be our ring bearer and if, you know, if he wasn’t dating a famous supermodel. I’m looking for a guy who is a cat person, that means he likes his pussy aloof but cuddly.

Kylie Jenner’s Dogs Norman & Bambi: 465,000 followers

Of course, King Kylie has an insta for her pups. These two greyhounds are at almost 500,000 followers. Watching them grow up and change on Keeping Up with the Kardashians has been one of the joys of my life. I’m talking about the dogs to be clear. Have you guys seen Gabbana lately? She’s so sweet and old.

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Paris Hilton and Her Small Village: 101,000 followers

Paris Hilton is basically running an animal shelter. The pictured dog house or “doggie mansion” is a replica of her person mansion. She has at least 3 cats. There are so many pets at this bitches house that they don’t even get their own instas. Only @diamondbabyx and @princessparisjr have their own instas. I think there is even a pig in this photo. Is there a pig in this photo or am I hallucinating?

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