Reimagining 90s Fashion and Jewelry Trends with Seville Michelle

Born and raised in New York City, Seville is a self-taught Latinx jewelry designer who brings her unique background to life in her work by re-imagining the accessories of her youth. Growing up immersed in the fashion and jewelry trends of the 1990’s, Seville wore large doorknocker earrings, big gold chains that shimmered with pendants of religious saints, and icons throughout her adolescent life. Her creative palette expanded beyond chunky gold jewelry in the glamorous nightlife scene of the mid 90’s. As a designer she merges street style with luxury in a very New York City way, always referencing her city life roots, and identity.

by @sevillemichellejewelry model @shinelikethis

Galore: Can you tell us more about your collection? What is the inspiration behind the new style?

Seville: My creations are perfect for the woman who isn’t afraid to be bold, Seville Michelle accessories are chic statement pieces, representing confidence, style, and heritage. I see myself as a true girl boss – I built my brand from the ground up, for the people, with the people in mind, to bring forth and re-introduce avant-garde street style accessories.

Galore: How would you describe your contribution to fashion?

Seville: Throughout my 11 year design career I’ve made my mark in the fashion landscape as the first designer to have wrapped the bamboo/ doorknocker earrings in Italian leather. A concept since replicated by major fashion houses around the world– which makes me feel that my work has set the blueprint for jewelry designs to some of the most powerful and influential designers around the world.

I design lifestyle jewelry for the people, with the people in mind. I design with community in mind and my concepts are very New York, very street and appeal to the “hot girls” in society. My price point appeals to the girls working in retail as well as chart-topping musicians. Alicia Keys has been wearing the same earrings for years. My designs remind women of their prime, when they were single and free. Most recently Lizzo has been seen on her Instagram addressing the nation in her Palstica earrings. 

Galore: Which artists do you envision wearing your new jewelry collection?

Seville: My contemporary and luxury designs take on nostalgic 90s favorites which have become the go-to for stars like Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Natti Natasha, JoJo, Nikki Minaj, Teyana Taylor, Lizzo, and even Steven Tyler are just a few of my clients.

My designs have become the standard in all corners of Hollywood, and my trailblazing hand-wrapped Italian leather doorknockers are an industry staple that blends a balance of street and elevated design.


Galore: How would you describe your journey as an independent artist?

Seville: I have found the impressive balance of classic style and boundary pushing design. My designs have graced the pages of paradigm, fashion publications like Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire, and Elle.

It’s humbling and an affirmation from the world that I am doing the right thing in my life. It inspires me to help people who are in need of inspiraton. So I created Seville for the People to bring the magic of jewelry making to developing communities. 


Galore: What it’s like being a Latinx designer in a role that is traditionally non-Latino?

Seville: I was raised by a very strong Cuban mother, her name was Maria Magdalena and I get all my creativity from her. She sewed, did pottery, painted, decorated and always had a very diverse group of inner circle friends. I carry her energy and excitement for life and am continuously inspired by the impact she had on my life. She arrived in the US with just a suitcase on the ruse that she was coming here to care for a family on a work visa– but as soon as she stepped on US soil she immediately sought political asylum. A big part of what I do as a designer is take chances and I search for ways to reinterpret design in the same way my mother looked to redefine her life– without looking back and with determination to create something beautiful. 

Galore: What advice do you have for young aspiring designers?

Seville: Aside from my artistic success, I am dedicated to using my creativity and talents to ignite my surroundings with joy, laughter, and beauty. Through my accomplishments, I have committed to creating positive change throughout those communities that have inspired my designs, and fostering the same creativity in young artists. Through my organization, Seville For The People, I use seemingly simple practice of jewelry making to foster imaginative creative exploration and tactile healing in the communities that need it the most. 


Galore: Will you have a new collection for the holidays? 

Seville: I am introducing a new colorways and yes, some new styles. PLASTICA is a fun new concept that pays homage to my Cuban mother who wrapped our family couches in plastic as a way to preserve them.

I have a Black Friday sale- 20% off using code BLACKFRIDAY at check out and as always free shipping.

Photographer @tashimrod / @tashisnaps 
Model: @iamdomrobionson
Hair @fivebysao
Nails @strongmagicnails 
Stylist @niaraindigo

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