Rachele Brooke Smith’s Daily Routine Is Inspiring AF

If you’re in a rut, we’ve got the girl to bring you out of it. We chatted with actress Rachele Brooke Smith, who has a long list of films set for release in 2016, including “The Nice Guys,” out May 20, 2016, with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. She also recently appeared in “Scream Queens.”

Besides her cinematic projects, Rachele also somehow has time to meditate every morning, journal her thoughts, teach dance master classes, do humanitarian aid, and work out multiple times a day, all while eating a healthy diet and managing two YouTube channels, one dedicated to achieving your dreams and one dedicated to fitness.

We knew we had to have all her secrets. IV of coffee? Team of manservants? Body double/clone? Turns out the girl just has her shit on lock. But she was sweet enough to share her daily routine and secrets below for us to steal inspo from.

What is an average day in your life like? 

No matter what I have going on in my agenda for the day, I always make sure to take a few moments to myself every morning and evening practicing mediation. I have lived life with and without this practice. And lets just say I REALLY don’t want to ever live without it again.

I also never leave the house without my morning celebration dance routine that involves my dancing around my room to my inspirational playlist on Spotify, writing out and allowing myself to feel at least three things I am grateful for, meditating on those things, and visualizing myself accomplishing my goals and dreams. Then, I listen to one of my favorite inspirational speakers on YouTube (Brendon Burchard, Jeff Hoffman, BulletProof, Inside Quest, Tim Ferris, School of Greatness, Morning Coach, Marie Forleo, Anthony Mendel, Wayne Dyer, and Oprah, to name a few) while I am brushing my teeth and getting dressed.

I do some form of this routine in the evening as well, but I’ll throw in writing and mediating about what I learned that day. I have learned that when I put my inner work first, everything else in my life is just better. I have some sort of mental and spiritual exercises like meditation, gratitude lists, visualization, inspirational reading of books, and watching inspirational YouTube videos while I’m getting ready for my day pretty much every day.

Everything that falls in between morning and night can be unique each and every day! I am often traveling and working ridiculously hard on different acting gigs while also always “flowing” on on my companies  Unbreakable and Freeyo, but I try to never lose sight of the importance of making each day memorable and fun.

I am always finding fun ways to incorporate fitness into my schedule, and always find some way of being active throughout the day. Often, you will see me post videos of this craziness on my Instagram and YouTube. I just want to use any gifts or talents I have to inspire others to discover their inner and outer strength and the power of fun in their lives. I hope people can view life through a more creative lens, and always know that no matter how hard life may knock them down, they will always have the strength to get back up again and be better and stronger because of it.

Now here’s a look at three days in Rachele’s crazy life…


• Morning Celebration time

• Bullet Proof coffee with BrainOctane, grass fed butter, & collegian protein powder (I have this pretty much every morning)

• Ride my bike to and F45 Class at 9:15 then to a hot yoga class right by it at Sweat Yoga, then ride bike back home

• Quick shower and get ready time while listening to “School of Greatness  Podcasts “ and eating veggies, avocado, and fish

• Audition for a new ABC show at Warner Brothers Studios. I practice and read lines with a friend over the phone in the car on the way there

• Commercial audition for Nike in Hollywood. On the way, I’ snacking on coconut slices and celery sticks with almond butter

• Drink green tea with steamed coconut milk

• Walk on treadmill while reading script and learning lines for audition tomorrow for a new movie

• Eat Sweetgreens salad while working on Unbreakable and Freeyo content and products

• Bedtime snack of jicama with Stevia, cinnamon, and almond butter, plus jotting down what I learned today in my Passion Planner (l’m so grateful for my Passion Planner), then fall asleep to some sort of guided mediation track on YouTube


• Morning celebration time

• Bullet Proof coffee

• Ride my bike to Orange Theory Fitness class

• Work on my audition while walking on the beach and doing some yoga — I get the best inspiration for scenes and characters by the beach

• Grab two big salads  to go at Sweetgreens (one for now, one for later) and ride my bike back home to eat and get ready for audition

• Running lines while getting ready and eating at same time

• Listening to inspirational audios in car ride to audition in Hollywood (yay for traffic)

• Crush audition, then go to my meeting with my nutritionist

• Meet with my TV agent while eating my other salad in car ride… yes, I eat in the car all the time. If I didn’t, I would probably starve.

• Then meet up with my business partner to “Flow” on Freeyo and Unbreakable content and products

• Night time routine. Yep, same as usual. — a pretty quick version though cause super tired. I have found that it is the most important to just do something doesn’t necessarily need to be a long thing. It’s about de-stressing, not stressing.


• Morning celebration time. I’m also loving reading the “The Power of the Unlimited Imagination” and “The Artist Way” right now. Even if it’s just 5  to 10 minutes, I make sure and get some inspiring ideas in my mind as soon as I wake up. It makes the biggest difference in my day.

• Bullet Proof coffee

• Ride my bike to Burn Fitness for some Boxing Training. Yay! I love fighting. Strange, I know.

• Run on sprints on the treadmill for about 20 minutes while saying affirmations and jamming out to my favorite songs, then walk/jog for another 30 while working on new audition for tomorrow and reading Anthony Mendel’s book “Give Fear The Middle Finger.”

• Go up on deck do to a quick stretch and meditation, then start to answer questions for a  magazine interview, work on a blog post, do some social media, have a phone conference with my designer for my two e-books I’m working on, which are coming out soon

• Starving by this point so I run to downstairs to Gym’s cafe and grab some sweet potatoes, spinach, and chicken and a kombucha. I take it upstairs and continue working.

• Then, dance in my room after to work on my Freeyo Workout Tutorials which will be online soon.

• Then to do a quick rinse-off and meet my biz partner at True Food to work on Freeyo T-shirt design and website, and run two auditions some more. 20 pages of dialogue… ahhhh… just breathe… I got this.

• Then to see a movie for a recharge and some inspiration… yay, my happy place! I still literally skip and jump up and down when I enter the movie theatre. It’s my escape, my drug, I just love that place so much. Once again I accept and have learned to love my strangeness. And no matter how silly or childlike it may be, I refuse to let anyone take away how happy I feel when I’m there, not to mention how happy I am to eat my chocolate kale chips and steamed coconut milk with cinnamon and stevia as my movie snacks… yummy! Happiest girl in the world right now 😉

• Night time routine… mmm feels so good. I’m so tired and so excited for sleep. I struggle sometimes with getting great sleep, still working on that one. Thank goodness for mediation sleep tracks.


So there is a little bit of what my life looks like on a regular basis, but my weeks always look pretty different depending on what job I am working on.

For example last month I was shooting a new movie in Puerto Rico playing the lead girl in a badass action movie — dream come true!  I was pretty much shooting from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. doing both intense dialogue and action scenes, doing all my own stunts, and then would squeeze in a workout right before rehearsal for the next day, then a quick dinner and try to get to sleep before 12:30 p.m. to do it all again! I simply love the feeling of pushing myself to my limits… going to bed completely exhausted but so happy and so fulfilled. I try to remember to be so grateful that I am literally living my dreams.

I was also just in Israel on a job where I was challenged everyday mentally, physically, and emotionally doing all sorts of adventures crazy things with a non-profit there, Vibe Israel. From about 7am to about 8pm everyday we did everything from yoga in the hills, swam in the dead sea, ran the Jerusalem half marathon — my first one, and it was amazing — road a 12k bike ride though the Judaen Dessert, to doing a press conference with the Mayor or Jerusalem.

And in a couple weeks I’ll be starting a new film in Austin which I know will be a whole new and different experience entirely. I’m so excited for this one… such an incredible true story… so grateful I get to be a part of it.

My days and weeks are rarely ever the same, nor would I ever want them to be. I love new, different, and challenging experiences. When I am living this way I feel the most alive, fulfilled, and unbreakable. When I am not stretching myself, working on myself, my craft, my brands, and doing things to take myself out of my comfort zone I feel pretty unhappy and very unmotivated.

All of the things I do and have written about are what I have found works for me. I would encourage everyone to try lots of different ideas, routines, and life strategies to see what works best for them. Asking yourself everyday, “What could I do today to have a lot of fun while making my dreams come true?” If you ask your brain questions like these, you will get answers. Go try them out with and keep an open mind.

I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it. I will leave you with one last idea, one that is very special to me and what has help me overcome extreme challenges and achieve very big dreams. Allow yourself to bend.

You’re gonna hit challenges along the way, they are gonna be hard, they might even suck really bad.. allow yourself to feel all those awesome feelings of frustration, madness, loneliness, sadness, anger. Then after you are done (hopefully sooner rather than later) commit to flip switching all those emotions into fuel for your fire.

Commit to never breaking. So that you know that no matter how hard life knocks you down, that you will always have the strength (because you do your inner and outer workouts everyday) to get back up again better, stronger, and wiser that you were before… always able to remain and live Unbreakable.

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