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When you are full of life and personality you have no choice but to soar in life, for Pretty Vee that has always been her story and journey, soaring to new heights and bussing down doors. This superstar rose to fame just a few years ago invading the movie and television screens. She even made a few tunes showing off her rhymes. With all her success and unwavering faith, she is proving that being yourself is the only way to be. In an exclusive interview, Vena Excell gets candid about the Pretty Way. – Jazmyne Byrd

Featured Interview:

How is your creativity disputing the culture of comedy?

I mean pretty, the brand is always about noise. It’s always about daring. It’s always ready to stand out. I love always being the first one to do the craziest things in the female space in the new age. So, I’m always about disrupting, but I’m also about disrupting in a good way, in a way that’s going to be healing to folks in my comedic space.

What makes you a rebel?

I feel like not giving up,  being bold, being fearless, and being confident are all traits that make me a rebel. When most told me no, I turned around and made it a yes with the help of God. I stand 10 toes down with any decision that I make. I don’t budge and I don’t negotiate my greatness. Being a rebel doesn’t have to be in a space of being dark and being disrespectful. It could just be very classy, very straightforward, and demanding. And I have that, I have all of that and I stand 10 toes down in any decision that I make. And it’s called Blessed. It’s called fearless. It’s called confidence and it’s called being Pretty Vee.

What is your beauty philosophy?

I think the beauty of philosophy is holding on to your inner you. I think your inner you could be the child in you, the boss in you, the confidence in you, and the confidence in you. You just being you is a major flex.

How did your ‘Rap Shit’ roll come about?

Great relationships in this industry go very far. So, Charlamagne called me one day and asked if I wanted to act on a television series and I didn’t know the show. And he said, well, I think you’d be great on the show. And that’s when he connected me and Issa Rae and now, I’m here on season one of RapSh*t. When the time is right everyone will know what’s soon to come.

When you create some skits. Where do you pull your inspiration from?

I pull my inspiration from how I grew up. And I grew up with all the characters such as my mom, my father, my cousins, my aunt, my uncles, and just friends in the neighborhood. And I just took what I’ve seen as a child and put it all in my comedy today. I just roll with it, you know. My Jamaican character Sharon comes from my aunt, my mom comes from all my home girls that had single mothers you know, yelling at a peanut down the street, you know, and so on. So, I’m taking whatever I’ve seen growing up and I’m putting it in my comedy today. I love making people laugh and smile through my own experiences with these characters.

Being a Southern girl, what is one piece of advice your mom has taught you?

Stay prayed up. My mom always taught me to stay prayed up and don’t let anybody take me away from the glory of God. I don’t care what room you go into. I don’t care what Zoom call you get on. I don’t care what party you attend to. Don’t forget God and who you are.  She’s always saying it doesn’t matter how high you go up with him, how high you go up in the industry, don’t forget God.

What can we expect from season two of rap shit and how does your character evolve?

We can expect a lot, I can’t say too much on that but just expect a lot.

What advice would you give to your 16-year-old?

You’re perfect and you may not be perfect in everyone else’s eyes but you’re perfect in God’s eyes. So, you’re perfect. You may be different in some ways, but it’s okay because God knows you and that’s the only one that matters.

What advice would Deja give to her 16-year-old self?

I would say the same thing. You know Deja is the the baddest baby, and she don’t back down. 

Any tips for creators wanting to take a journey into acting or just tips for making fire content?

You know it’s really simple stay consistent, be determined, and get ready to fail. Here is an important fact about failing, it won’t destroy you. It will only make you more resilient so fail forward and don’t look back. and get ready to be called all types of names. Be ready for all of your No’s and understand that it is all a part of the journey.

What is one beauty product that you cannot live without?

I cannot live without my Pretty Vee Beauty blender which is exclusively sold at CitiTrends all across the country. This beauty blender has been a lifesaver for me on my beauty journey. I love that I got to be creative and hands-on with the creation of this vegan beauty blender so that women across the country who love makeup as much as I do can have a product that is good for their skin.

And then what is next on your superstar journey

Just getting ready for all the greatness to continue to flow for me. I’m tapping into more movie roles, creating my content, producing and directing, and more modeling. I’m tapping into that beauty space which is something that I love. Embracing this part of me has been eye-opening and I’m grateful.  

Team Credits:

PrettyVee: Creative Director

Hairstylist: @billions_Pink Creative Director

Makeup: @enhancedbyteisha

Wardrobe Stylist: @OlvrBrwn/Prettyvee

Stylist Assistant: @briancasimonee

Terrence Day| Photographer & Creative Director: @Terrence.day1

Eiran Chase Baker (A Chase Productions) | Cam Operator & Set Assistant @AiranChase

Tory K. Williams | Lighting Assistant @Torykeon_

Editor-in-chief: Prince Chenoa @princechenoastudio

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