[PREMIERE] Sage Gives Us An Anthem For Spotting Your Ex

Sage may be a pop-baby in most people’s books — but she isn’t out of the loop when it comes to needing to feel yourself and “do you” after having a bad breakup.

Today, she premieres her new lyric video for her single, “Rotten” with radical punk-inspired paint splatters and a super on-point look that she styled all herself. Sage says, “I felt like I needed a song that was not about some typical breakup, so that’s exactly what I did. After I wrote the song, I felt like many people, girls and boys, could relate to the message.”

She also says that if she happened to spot her ex out with another girl, “I simply wouldn’t care! Not my problem anymore!”

Though Sage claims the song isn’t about anyone in particular, it’s undeniably a song that will boost your confidence and make you feel like a “bad bih” to the max. She also serves up that melodic infectious pop sound that we love so much.

While the rest of us still trying to figure out how to be cool, Sage has her shit together and she just turned fourteen… so watch the vid, say “bye” to your ex, learn the lyrics, and prob some makeup-slash-style tips too, you Wicked B.




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