[PREMIERE] Pop Singer Cappa Releases ‘Queen Of Hearts’ EP

I first found Cappa’s “Wannabe” cover (yes, that is the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” from 1996) via the Spotify gods.

The funny thing is, I actually HATED the Spice Girls in 1996. And though every girl I knew at school was saving up to buy Buffalo stacked sneakers and Adidas track pants, I was all mad about it and listening to Green Day in a corner in chemistry class.

I still knew the song “Wannabe,” how could you not? It was all over MTV, since they had like, actual music videos back then, but I never actually liked it — until I heard Cappa’s version.

Cappa’s version sounds the way this track was meant to sound originally. It’s darker, more dance-y, while keeping the pop melody and energy of the original, but it somehow adds the edge that the Spice Girls version was missing.

After finding this majestic musical gem (praise the Spotify gods!) I had to find out when Cappa would be releasing more music — and lucky for us, her newest single, “Next Ex” just dropped last week. This one is definitely a tune that should be saved to your playlist immediately! And even luckier, her new EP, “Queen of Hearts” is available today!

Check out the track listing below, and then hang around for our Q&A with Cappa below!

Queen of Hearts Track Listing: 

  1. Next Ex
  2. Mad About U
  3. I’m Good
  4. Nirvana
  5. Other Girls
  6. Hey Hi Hello

First of all, we need the origin story – where did you come from? How did you realize you could make music?

I’m originally from outside of Philly, but I live in Nashville now! I’ve been doing music since I was a little kid. I think I was around 7 years old when I decided I had to be a singer. I was really bad at it for a while though. I got made fun of a lot in school for it. A boy I dated when I was a teenager told me never to sing again. Boys suck. Don’t listen to them.

What are some of your influences?

It’s so all over the board! I like anything from Top 40 pop to hardcore music, quite honestly. Currently I’ve been listening to a lot of Kiarra, Broods, Pvris, Jon Bellion and Jarryd James. I think that I discovered most of them from Spotify playlists and became immediately obsessed. I grew up on a lot of music like Hall & Oats and The Temptations also, so I pull a lot of inspiration from them as well. Sometimes I will listen to the same thing over and over, but I’ve been trying to branch out more because it really does help with the songwriting process.

If you were to describe your sound, like Cyndi Lauper meets Guitar metal, what would it be? If you were to tell someone about your music that hasn’t heard it – how would you want it described?

I would say it’s Taylor Swift meets Halsey. It’s very poppy and in your face, but still has a lot of those dark brooding undertones in the production.

How did you decide to go by CAPPA?

I have been doing music for SO long that I just wanted to change it up a little bit.  Before I began going by “CAPPA”, I went by my full name, and a lot of people thought I was a singer-songwriter. I didn’t want to be automatically placed in that genre, so I just started using my last name. It feels a lot fresher to me and I think portrays my music well.

There are some killer tracks on your new EP, If NEXT EX were on a movie soundtrack, set to a specific scene maybe, what would it be and why? What is it about? Is it an anthem or a party song?

First off, THANK YOU! Haha. Secondly, that’s a great question. I could see it in a scene where a girl goes through a rough break-up and decides to start kicking ass and rule at life. In my mind, it’s a lot more of an anthemic song. I wrote it about just how fickle and weird dating is sometimes. Most people don’t want to commit to getting to know a person; there’s this “grass is greener” mentality. I’m kind of making fun of myself in the song.

You’ve done a pretty sick cover of the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”, If you could play an acoustic show like MTV unplugged, what other songs would you cover?

Thank you! I would probably cover the Chainsmokers new song “Closer.” I just did a Youtube video of it; it’s such a rad song. Maybe some old Britney Spears and Frank Ocean!

What made you decide to cover The Spice Girls classic,  “Wannabe”?

I decided to cover “Wannabe” because it was one of my favorite songs growing up and I still felt like the melodies and lyrics were still so fresh. I just wanted to try a more updated production method and layout on it- kind of how I would envision it being done if it came out today.

You have a new music video coming out, what was the inspiration for it?

I do! Ahhh I’m so excited. I love music videos, they’re one of the funnest parts.  It’s for my single “Next Ex.” There’s some dancing and choreography but it’s mostly just cool visuals. There’s one part in it that is just me singing and dancing in a mirror by myself and the whole thing is very tongue and cheek.

Do you believe that every song is about something? Or do you think songwriters just write what sounds cool?

I don’t think that every song is about something- although I wish it was! All of my songs are about a situation I’m going through or something I’m feeling and I think that people connect with those type of songs best. But I do think that some songs are just written to be “hits.” They’re super catchy- but there is just something that you don’t connect with as a listener.

If you could collaborate with any other artist in the world, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

This is such a hard question!! I would love to work with Gwen Stefani. Not just because of her music but also because of her artistry. I feel like she paved a way for women in music when there wasn’t a lot of appreciation for what she was doing at the time, and she did it anyway. She essentially was told “no” for over 7 years in a row and kept going. I think it would be really empowering to work with her. I would also love to work with Pharrell because I think he’s a musical genius. Also Mike Posner. OK SORRY I’M DONE.  

Do you think it’s easier to be an artist in the day and age of digital music and Spotify? Do you think it’s harder to connect with people in terms of getting the music out there?

This is a tough question because it’s been this way for all of my career so far! I think streaming platforms like Spotify are AMAZING and let artists develop a career and reach fan bases without a label. That is kind of what I am all about.  Figuring out a way to do it by yourself. A lot of labels hold artists back, change them, don’t let them pursue creatively want they want and I’m just not into that.  What’s the point in doing it if you’re not being yourself and saying what you want? I think the difficulty now that comes into play is that there are SO many artists making awesome music.  But I would way rather have that be the problem, than people not being able to release music because there is NO platform.

Do you feel there is pressure for female musicians to wear less and portray a very sexy image? Does this pressure affect you as an artist in any way?

I do feel that way but have never felt super pressured by it. I don’t know why. I’ve never had the desire to portray something I wasn’t.  I do think the industry is very sexualized, but I think in some ways it is becoming less that way.  Artists like Lorde and even Taylor Swift in her own way, have kind of branded this “you aren’t going to tell me much I shouldn’t be wearing” idea; I think that has gone a really long way.  Even artists like Beyonce who do wear sexy clothing are being very self-empowering with it. They’re saying “I’m wearing this because I WANT to and I feel sexy in it.” I’m totally down with that. I just don’t like it when the industry tells someone they HAVE to.

What’s next for you? Is there an upcoming tour?

Yes! I’m doing my first U.S. tour and I’m really excited. I can’t wait to play the new EP live. I’m supporting Matt Wertz and I think, as of now, we’re playing 33 dates and may add a few more.

When you are on tour, do you have any lucky charms that you have to wear on stage? Or any pre-performance traditions?

I don’t but kind of wish I did! I just have to warm up before and I like to sit alone and like, stare at a wall for 20 minutes before I play. It’s kind of weird but helps me get in the right head space.

Does Fashion play any role in who you are as an artist?

Yes, absolutely! I love clothes and makeup and partnering with different brands. I feel like you can evoke a lot of emotion through an outfit or look in general. It can really help you portray what you are trying to get across as an artist.

Where can we find out more about you? Social media links?







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