[PREMIERE] ‘Joyride’ by Bobby Brackins x Austin Mahone

It’s just about road trip season and “Joyride” is the best song to get you through it.

This collab comes from Austin Mahone and Bobby Brackins, the songwriter behind Chris Brown’s “Loyal” and Tinashe’s “2On.”

This song is from Bobby’s upcoming To Live For EP, coming May 13, which will feature artists like Ty Dolla Sign, Zendaya, G-Eazy, Jeremih, and more.

“This is a Bay Area smash hit,” Austin Mahone tells Galore. “My ideal joyride situation is to be with my girl Katya in my i8, heading to South Beach.”

We caught up with Bobby to ask him about his dream joyride and how this song came about. Click here for Bobby’s iTunes EP pre-sale, and read his q+a below.

1. What’s your idea of a joyride?

Going on a joyride means living life in the moment with no real plans, just cruising to an area where anything goes. It can be a stimulating encounter.

2. You’re going on your dream road trip. Where would you go?

My dream road trip would be out of the country, like rolling around to different towns in the South of France along the water.

3. Who is in each seat of the car? Like dream road trip guests… living or dead?

My dream guest would just change by the day. Maybe one day I’d wanna take my family out and another day I’d wanna take a nice lady out. If I could take a road trip with a dead person, I’d wanna ride out with 2pac or Mac Dre and soak up game. If for romantic purposes, maybe Zoe Kravitz or Emily Ratajkowski.

4. What kind of snacks are you bringing?

Probably really fresh fruit and some Sun Chips.

5. Where is your final destination?

Final destination would probably be the beach, so I could just chill out.

6. What’s the ultimate road trip faux pas?

You gotta have good music — a dope playlist! You can’t be listening to anything dry or lame.

7. Where’d your inspiration for “Joyride” come from? How did the song come about? 

I just love cruising to fun places listening to good music. Driving does not have to be boring — it should be entertaining and eventful. Joyriding is not sitting in traffic stressed out. It’s being carefree, and going with the flow. It can also be a wild bedroom type of activity… it’s a double entendre.

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