[PREMIERE] ICONIKA X-RATED Releases ‘Eat Your Heart Out’

Summer is ending and ICONIKA X-RATED is the queen of the fall. With our autumnal equinox just a couple weeks away, ICONIKA is proud to release her first music video, Eat Your Heart Out, and her latest single, “Fucc Boi” today on Galore.

As an artist with an expansive sound scope and a corresponding handful of aliases, the Eat Your Heart Out video marks the beginning of a new era for the artist formerly known as Phlo Finister. Iconika has arrived to get her life. Eat Your Heart Out is the annunciation.

We made the Eat Your Heart Out video at Dungeon East, one of two specialty S&M properties owned by Mistress Justine Cross, the top dominatrix in all of Los Angeles. Clad in a diamond bikini of her own making while traipsing around Dungeon East, she puts her pussy on a pedestal handcrafted by the Haas Brothers and teases her haters — Does my lifestyle offend you?

Artist, activist, and video vixen Sylvia Kochinski co-stars with Iconika as a fellow embodiment of the feminine divine. She plays Iconika’s comrade and lover, her co-conspirator in a space laden with female agency. They might be vicious, but they’re vulnerable too and their sexuality oozes with grace.

“We shot the video on my birthday, so I wanted everyone to have fun. Mistress Justine’s space felt like a playhouse; we were able to experiment with all her toys,” Iconika told me in remembrance of our shoot.

Artists Niko the Ikon, Jordan Raf, and Ali Madigan, amongst others, appear alongside Iconika and Sylvia as other characters in the angelic dungeon. Off her soon-to-be-released mixtape Indecent Exposure, “Eat Your Heart Out” and “Fucc Bois” both epitomize the female-centric trap sound Iconika has honed with this new project.

“Indecent Exposure is music all the women out here doing it on their own,” Iconika says. “Especially the strippers.”

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