[PREMIERE] Half The Animal Gives You The Soundtrack to Your ‘Saturday Night’

If you didn’t catch our previous mention of this awesome band, you should know that these guys are no longer the boyish dudes from MTV’s Laguna Beach… in fact, they’re animals now!

Over the summer, they released their first track from their upcoming EP, “Babylon,” as Half the Animal. And in doing so, they’ve managed to convince us that they’re gonna nicely fit that void of alt rock we’ve all been holding a special place for.

Today, they premiere their new lyric video for the killer track, “Saturday Night,” a track that is perhaps the anthem of “Mr. or Mrs. Right Now,” if you will.

Frontman Chase Johnson says, “Saturday Night is [about] lust over love, [doing things] out of whack hormones, it’s knowing she’s the wrong one, but loving every second of it.”

Drummer Nick Gross says, “Whenever we play “Saturday Night,” you can immediately tell how much fans dig the song. It’s just got this throwback vibe, four on the floor groove that makes you want to dance and move your feet.”

The video features awesome footage of our favorite places around Los Angeles, New York, and more! The track has the feel of a catchy alt-rock song with a dream-pop twist, with the bonus of Chase’s soulful and grittier-than-usual vocals flying atop, singing “You’ll be gone before the morning comes,” and “Make me feel like a Saturday Night.” To which I say, like, duh. Thought you’d never ask…


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