[Premiere] Cassy London Gives Us Marilyn Monroe Vibes in “Magic”

When I first heard about Cassy London, her dreamy pop vocals and killer cover of “Stand Back” had me convinced she was meant to be a star. Now, with her new music video for “Magic,” I’m convinced that if Marilyn Monroe had a mini-me, it would most likely be Cassy.

It was said of Marilyn’s infamous photographs wrapped in white silk sheets that she was able to capture the essence of both the girl next door, and the sexiest woman in the world, all at once. When asked what would make for the best photos, apparently Marilyn told photographer Douglas Kirkland in 1961 that all they needed were some good records, a white silk sheet and a bed. And lucky for us, Cassy’s new music video has all the right ingredients, at least according to Ms. Monroe.

Cassy hits us again with her dreamy pop vibes with “Magic,” a catchy new track that will have you jammin’ and singin’ about the memories of Summer, and just how magical they were. The video has Cassy throwing us those adorable Sunday-snuggle vibes as she takes a cue from Marilyn, capturing the very essence of bed-head-sexy done right. With her messy long blonde hair she sings from her bed, “Last night of Summer was magic, we didn’t even know how good we had it …” She playfully teases us by sticking out her tongue in that oh-so-adorable girl-next-door way, and giving us multiple silly moments that not only make her likeable, but convince you that you def want to be on her squad.

The video then dissolves into color, as Cassy shows us her sexy side in a colorful glam photoshoot.

Check out the video for “Magic” and then give her a follow on the socials!





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